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First of many Corrs shows that I will be sharing over time.

Live at the Sopot Festival
Release: ??-??-1998 Region: N/A Code: N/A
Live at the Sopot Festival, Poland, August 21, 1998

1. Forgiven Not Forgotten
2. Carraroe Jig
3. What Can I Do
4. The Right Time
5. Queen Of Hollywood
6. Dreams
7. Haste To The Wedding Part I
8. Haste To The Wedding Part II
9. Runaway
10. Only When I Sleep
11. Hopelessly Addicted
12. I Never Loved You Anyway
13. So Young
14. Toss The Feathers

Info file and Album art included in rar file. No pass.

This is my first posting to this forum, so feedback about format or info is appreciated.

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Seeing as how you just gave me what looks like a couple of hours of great music, the least I can do is spend a minute or two with the feedback :smile:

The promise of more Corrs is a good one, I'll happily download whatever you care to share (assuming of course that I don't already have it...).

Format: My theory is that storage is incredibly cheap (I'm old enough to remember 20mb hard drives being several hundred dollars...) so having the highest quality possible is the best option. I can always downgrade the show to .mp3/lossy if I want to put it on my mp3 player, but would much prefer that the show that stays on the computer to be .flac or some other lossless format.

Megaupload/RS: I don't have a RS account so I prefer to see files over at MU as I can download/set up more than one at a time. However I also don't look a gift horse (show) in the mouth & will work with whatever is easiest for you.

Thanks again for the concert, it's downloading right now. I'll give it a listen a little later.
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