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Yes Featuring ARW 2018-09-08 Hard Rock Rocksino Cleveland,OH

Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman
Saturday, September 08, 2018
Cleveland, Ohio
Hard Rock Rocksino
50th Anniversary Tour

Format: Recorded in 24-bit/44.1kHz
Source: Audience Recording
Equipment: A Pair of Milab VM-44 Link Cardioids -> Marantz PMD661 (Oade CM)
Location: Sec 3 - Row T - Rick side
Taper: ninjadave
Mastering: ninjadave


Total Time [116:59]
01 - Intro > Cinema [4:37]
02 - Hold On [8:56]
03 - Seen All Good People [7:51]
04 - Changes [7:23]
05 - And You And I [11:34]
06 - Rhythm of Love [6:56]
07 - I Am Waiting [9:06]
08 - Heart of the Sunrise [12:19]
09 - Awaken [21:43]
10 - Make It Easy > Owner of a Lonely Heart > Sunshine of Your Love 13:20]
11 - "Encore Break" [2:37]
12 - Roundabout [10:32]

Not much to say about this show. Security was thankfully a joke so that made it easy on me. The arena was ok, the PA much
better than the last show in Akron, which is not saying much, but still not great. I have had very little luck taping Yes
recently (my 02', 04' and 13' shows being the best really). I was in a good spot again but it didn't matter. We got robbed this
night as they dropped Perpetual Change and Lift Me Up, probably due to the back to back shows, which at this stage they should
NOT be doing. Thankfully, we have the official live release and the IEM's from Japan which really give you the sense of how good
they sound and they do really sound pretty good but it does not translate thru the PA. I find it baffling. I also think the Apollo
show was cleaned up but who cares at this point. With the sound being so really average for the last two shows I've seen, I'm at
the point where I have no interest in seeing them anymore unless they really pull something out of the vault that interests me.
It's depressing to say that, but its the truth.

For me, my 3 favorite bands are -> Rush (retired), Tull (a completely diff band now along with Ian's voice being completely GONE)
and YES - none of which can give me any joy anymore from a live show standpoint. Thankfully, my new favorite live band is still
active but haven't toured properly in 2 years. That would be Pearl Jam - a band I don't have to tape since they pretty much release
soundboards of all the shows they play.

This show was decent but nothing as good as the Kansas show I saw a month later in Pgh. For them being nearly the same age (Kansas is
a little younger), Kansas is way better at this point. They sounded incredible and tight. That show is posted on another tracker if you
are interested, they are banned here (management = complete idiots).
There are no fades in the tracks. I suggest starting Disc 2 with Track 08 if burning to CDr.

Repost if you like, but please, keep info and file set intact.

UPPED October 2018 by ninjadave.

2018-09-08YesARWCleveland.rar - FileFactory
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