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The Cure - 1981-06-06 - Tübingen, DE
(Soundboard FLAC)

Mensa Morgenstelle

Robert Smith - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Simon Gallup - bass
Laurence Tolhurst - drums

SBD>1st gen cassette( see pic included) MAXELL XL II C-90 cassette
from the R.S. collection
1st gen cass played back on nakamichi cr7e (azimuth aligned) dolby off*-->edirol 04-->HD- level corrections in audacity--tracked in cdwave--flac(8) (hanwaker transfer 2013-11)

*dolby off despite the fact you can see the dolby box ticked on the picture of the cassette-- i toyed around with dolby on but it took imho ( and someone elses) too much from the dynamics and muffled the sound. The hiss of the non dolby use is bearable and only is prominent in quiet parts

01. /the holy hour ( miss very start)
02. in your house
03. the drowning man
04. 10.15 saturday night
05. accuracy
06. the funeral party
07. m
08. primary
09. other voices
10. all cats are grey
11. three// imaginary boys ( cut midsong tapeflip)
12. at night
13. fire in cario
14. play for today
15. grinding halt
16. a forest
17. faith

TT 78:05


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