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Artist: The Dead Weather
Venue: Vega
City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Taped by: Patrick Sirek Sørensen (me) using a Olympus LS-11
Date: 5/11/2009
Quality: Great


1: 60 Feet Tall
2: Hang You From The Heavens
3: You Just Can´t Win
4: So Far From Your Weapon
5: Bone House
6: No Horse
7: Child Of Few Hours
8: Rocking Horse
9: No Hassle Night
10: Jawbreaker
11: New Pony
12: Will There Be Enough Water?
13: Cut Like A Buffalo
14: I Can´t Hear You
15: Treat Me Like Your Mother

The Line-up:

Alison Mosshart - Vocals (and guitar on "so far from your weapon")
Jack Lawrence - Bas and Backing Vocals (and drums on "you just can´t win" and "will there be enough water?")
Dean Fertita - Keyboards, Guitars and Backing Vocals
Jack White - Drums and Backing Vocals (lead vocal on "you just can´t win", and guitar and vocals on "Will There Be Enough Water?")

This show is amazing! recording quality is great! they really show what a great live band they are here :) so grab this folks!
a couple of info´s: I´m fumbling a little with the audio level at the begining, but find it roughly around 4:00. I didn´t split the tracks up, simply because I don´t know how to do it, so this is just ONE big file of the whole show :)

ps. amazing version of Will There Be Enough Water? !! jack kills the guitar! ;)
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