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Hey everyone - your friendly neighborhood Doors-a-holic is here!

So the only thing I've really shared on here, compared with all the taking I do - are my two home-made "Doors Anthology" and "Doors: Television Skies" sets. they both went over VERY well and have since gone viral! Look around the 'net for them and you'll find 'em!

So I had corrected a member (I forget his name - mikesline or something) on some of the info on some mislabeled Doors shows he posted - and he got kinda uppity and challenged me to share "complete" shows ... so, here they are ... the first in a series of full shows I'll post...

...nothing here that hasn't been circulating - and yes, I down-encoded these from FLAC and SHN to 320 kpb/s mp3s (go ahead, sue me!) I live in NYC and listen to music predominantly on my mp3 player (NOT AN iPOD!!) which, unfortunately, doesn't read track tags for FLAC files, so I still have a need for MP3s and maybe some of you do too

... what I'm hoping to do is get a few of the better quality complete audience recordings out there posted in 320 bit and tracked well for anyone who relies on an mp3 player to listen to a lot of their music...

but then again, I don't need to explain myself! Enjoy the shows!

The Doors: In The Audience: 1968 [Part 1]


The Doors-1968-07-09-Dallas, TX [Memorial Auditorium]

1. Soul Kitchen (6:11)
2. Back Door Man > (3:28)
3. Five To One (5:33)
4. Break On Through (5:12)
5. The Crystal Ship > (2:42)
Texas Radio And The Big Beat (1:36)
6. Hello, I Love You (2:09)
7. Moonlight Drive > (3:18)
8. Money (3:08)
9. When The Music's Over (13:12)
10. Wake Up! > (1:43)
11. Light My Fire* (7:47)


The Doors - 1968-07-10-Houston, TX [Sam Houston Coliseum]

01 Break On Through
02 Back Door Man>
03 Once I Had A Friend>
04 Can The Wind Have It All?>
05 We Tried So Hard, Maybe We Tried Too Hard>
06 Fall Down Now, Strange Gods Are Coming>
07 Back Door Man
08 When The Music's Over>
09 Confusion>
10 Winter Photography>
11 Talking, Waiting, Smoking - Count The Dead And Wait For Morning>
12 Feel Warm Days And Faces Come Again>
13 When The Music's Over
14 Texas Radio And The Big Beat (Spoken Intro)>
15 Hello, I Love You
16 Little Red Rooster
17 Who Do You Love
18 The Crystal Ship
19 Wake Up!
20 Light My Fire// (Fade Out)


The Doors-1968-08-02-Flushing Meadow-Queens, NY [Singer Bowl]

1. Back Door Man 3:32
2. Five To One 4:40
3. Break On Through 3:40
4. When The Music's Over > 12:33
"Vast Radiant Beach" > "Dawn's Highway" >
"The Royal Sperm"
5. Wild Child 2:46
6. Wake Up 1:36
7. Light My Fire 8:45
8. The End* 17:04

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thank you for this.
i just registered just so i could tell you thanks. i love the doors, but i just started getting into their bootlegs, so i don't have many. i did download your other 2 that you had done previously.

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cool -thanks Mike - no hard feelings either - I've put up a few full show posts over the last week or so ... don't miss 'em - and if you have any other great Doors gems like that interview, put 'em up! :)

The Complete London Roundhouse Tapes

The Doors: In The Audience: 1969 [MSG, Miami, Toronto]

and more to come...!

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