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The Firm -
Westwood One Superstars In Concert

Various Dates & Locations (see notes below)

Pre-FM Recordings
No Cover Sheets

Pre-FM vinyls > (?) > CDR > EAC (secure) > Wav > GoldWave v.5.04 (editing) > TLH > Flac (L8, align on sector boundaries)

CD 1
01 Closer
02 City Sirens
03 Make Or Break
04 The Morning After
05 Together
06 Cadillac
07 Prelude In A Minor ~ Money Can't Buy
08 Radioactive
09 Live In Peace
10 Midnight Moonlight
11 You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
12 Full Circle
13 Boogie Mama
14 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

Total time: 1hr 17mn 57sc

CD 2
01 Fortune Hunter
02 Someone To Love
03 Make Or Brake
04 Prelude In A Minor ~ Money Can't Buy
05 Satisfaction Guaranteed
06 Radioactive
07 All The King's Horses
08 Cadillac
09 You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
10 Midnight Moonlight
11 Tear Down The Walls
12 Live In Peace

Total time: 1hr 10mn 19sc

Paul Rodgers - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
Jimmy Page - lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Tony Franklin - fretless bass, keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals
Chris Slade - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Justdave's notes:
This is what I believe to be the complete Westwood One tapes from the Firm. Bootleg collectors will recognize the performances here, they are the basis for a couple well known Firm bootlegs. CD One is the same show as the bootleg Jimmy Page's Firm Los Angeles CA 1985. CD Two is the same as the bootleg Royal Darkness Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH 1986. These CD's are sourced from the Pre-FM broadcast vinyl LP's. There is some pop/crackle noise. I have done a passive pop fix with GoldWave v.5.04. I only do 1 passive run because I don't want to mess with the sound quality.

The Firm came about after Paul Rodgers and Jimmy Page started working on a song together based on an unused Led Zeppelin track called "Swan Song". This work in progress morphed into "Midnight Moonlight" on the first LP. The first LP hit the Billboard Top Album Charts in the UK and USA. The single "Radioactive" hit #1 on Billlboards Top Rock Tracks for a week while "Satisfaction Guaranteed" hit a respectable #4 on the same chart. The follow up LP Mean Business however was considered not as successful a release. It did hit #22 on the USA album charts but only #46 in the UK. Single "All The King's Horses" hit #1 on the Rock Tracks chart while "Live In Peace", a remake of a Paul Rodgers solo track, only hit #21. Mean Business also saw Jimmy Page reach into his unused song bin to bring out "Fortune Hunter" a song written with Chris Squire for the failed XYZ Project. Page failed to credit Squire for his role in writing the song, Squire thought of suing but since the album was not a commercial success decided not to. The band split up after the Mean Business tour.

Many thanks to justdave for providing this show through his blog.

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Uploaded to TTD by propylaen2001 in October 2013.


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