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I recorded The Fixx at Busch Gardens Williamsburg on 7-31-10. I used a digital recorder with an external stereo microphone. I then tweaked and enhanced the audio as much as possible without causing clipping. The result is very listenable but far from FM or soundboard quality. I also created my own cover art which is available as separate downloads along with the zipped mp3 files. The mp3's are encoded at 256kbps.

Here's the track list:

Shut It Out
Saved By Zero
How Much Is Enough
Driven Out
Yesterday, Today Was Tomorrow
The Fool
A Letter To Both Sides
Are We Ourselves
One Thing Leads To Another
Everyone Believes In Something*
Built For The Future
Stand Or Fall
Woman On A Train
Fatal Shore
Red Skies
Deeper And Deeper**
Secret Separation**

*New song from the yet to be released album, Something Ahead Of You



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You're welcome!

Please let me know how you'd rate the sound quality. I'd appreciate the feedback.

I used to record concerts with a portable DAT. Unfortunately, I dropped it on a tile floor when I was trying to pack it away and the circuit board cracked. I hope to replace it with a home DAT deck so I can transfer the recordings I did between 1994 to 2002 to a harddrive for safe keeping and make backup CD's.
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