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May 10, 2002
Sarlat, France
'Sarlat Progressive Festival'

AUD-Mini Disc(?)>unknown transfer to>2CDR's>2CDR's got in a trade>EAC>HD>Acoustica Wave Editor>2CDR's>FLAC, Level 8>2CDR's (AUDIO) or CDR (FLAC)

Disc 1
01 Improvisation/Road to Sanctuary
02 Retropolis/Bass Solo
03 There is More to This World
04 Last Minute on Earth

Disc 2
01 In the Eyes of the World/Improvisation/Circus Brimstone
02 Improvisation/Stardust We Are (Pt 1 & 2)
03 Stardust We Are (Pt 2 Continues)/Un Homme et une Femme
04 Stardust We Are (Pt 3)
05 I Am the Sun

Do not know anything about the Equipment that was used for recording this
Maybe recorded with a Mini Disc Recorder (?)

I have done some kind of "remastering" with my Acoustica Wave Editor, soon after I have got the Audio CDR's in a trade.
Can't remember anymore what I exactly have done, but most likely lift the trebles a bit...
Anyway, it sounds good to my ears ...

My previous Flower Kings shares:
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