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March 11, 2006
Denver, CO
'Oriental Theater'

AUD-recording>?>2CDR's>2CDR's (got in a trade)>EAC>HD>remastered with Acoustica Wave Editor>FLAC, Level 8>2CDR's (AUDIO) or CDR (FLAC)

Disc One
01. Church of Your Heart (with stage audio difficulties)
02. Last Minute on Earth/In the Eyes of the World
03. Cosmic Circus/Marcus' drum solo/Babylon
04. The Truth Will Set You Free

Disc Two
05. Roine Banter/Marriage Proposal
06. Nora (Jonas' Bass Solo)
07. Stardust We Are, Part III
08. Blade of Cain
09. There is More to This World
10. I Am the Sun (combination of Parts I & II)

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