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April 16, 2006
Paris, France
'La Locomotive'

AUD-Mini Disc-Master>3CDR's>3CDR's (got in a trade)>FLAC'd>3CDR's (AUDIO) or CDR (FLAC)

Recorded with a Sharp mt 877 MD recorder and a Panasonic "Y" stereo microphone
Recorded by T. T.

Roine Stolt - Guitars and Vocals
Hasse Fröberg - guitars, Vocals and Percussion
Tomas Bodin - Keyboards
Jonas Reingold - Bass Guitar
Marcus Liliequist - Drums

Disk 1
01. Check In
02. Paradox Hotel
03. Hit Me With a Hit
04. Last Minute on Earth>
05. In the Eyes Of the World
06. Jealousy
07. What If God is Alone
08. Pioners of Aviation (incl.Percussion and Bass solo)

Disk 2
09. Love Supreme
10. The Truth Will Set You Free
11. Touch My Heaven
12. Mommy Leave the Light On
13. End on a High Note
14. Life Will Kill You

Disk 3
15. I Am the Sun
16. The Blade of Cain
17. A King's Prayer

Some distortions on the first two tracks (levels set too high), otherwise near to excellent Sound

My previous Flower Kings shares:
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