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November 15, 2007
Zoetermeer, Netherlands
'De Boerderij'

AUD-Mini Disc-Master>mastered on CDRs from Peter N.>2CDR's>2CDR's (got in a trade)>EAC>HD>FLAC, Level 8>2CDR's (AUDIO) or 2CDR's (FLAC)

Recording by Tony using a Sharp Mini Disc Recorder

01. Love is the Only Answer
02. There is More to This World
03. Retropolis
04. Trading My Soul
05. Hudson River Sirens Call

06. I Am the Sun (pt 1/2)
07. Life in Motion
08. Flight 999 Brimstone Air
09. Babylon
10. Startdust We Are (Vocal Part)
11. What if God is Alone?
12. Blade of Cain
13. The Sum of No Reason

My previous Flower Kings shares:
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