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Credit to the original uploader doodee

Lineage: CD-R -> EAC -> FLAC Front End (level 8)

Including artwork.

The Georgia Satellites -
Baity's Music Garden, Winston-Salem, NC;
May 27, 1990

A Doodee Music Master Recording

This was a pretty memorable Memorial Day weekend show. Well, as memorable as it can still be considering it was 18 years ago. First, it was at Baity's which makes every show memorable. This joint was basically a series of wooden bleachers and decks covered by a circus tent - kinda like attending a good southern revival except it's one held by the sinners. Next, it was an absolute downpour for the entire show. High winds, raining sideways, the works. There's an instance where Dan mentions the rain and the fact that he's getting wet. Shortly afterwards it intensifies a bit for him. During "Open All Night" you'll hear a big bump on the vocal mic, Dan abort the lyric and instead substitute "Woo - That was very scary". Seems just as he was grabbing the mic a big stream of water fell from the roof and hit it dead on. Yeah, very scary was a pretty good description.

A fair amount of banter during the show covering everything from racism to who won the race that afternoon. Oh yeah, the Sats rocked as usual. Some highlights - a nice long version of Battleship Chains with an extended guitar jam and a sweet Stones cover by Rick Richards. Lots of material from "In The Land Of Salvation And Sin", their broadest, most ambitous album as far as I'm concerned. This one sounds amazingly good, especially considering the circumstances.

A final note on Baity's - not too terribly long after this show the place burned. A new live music club was constructed a few hundred yards down the street called Ziggy's. The love for the carnival atmosphere proved too strong and a layout and canvas roof almost identical to Baity's was constructed. The "music revivals" continued until November 2007 when Ziggy's closed it's doors. Enjoy!

Disc 1
1. Local DJ Intro>I Dunno
2. Battleship Chains
3. Let It Rock
4. Nights Of Mystery
5. Shake That Thing
6. Crazy
7. Open All Night
8. Don't Pass Me By
9. All Over But The Cryin'
10. Dan Takes Five
11./12. Dixie
13. Another Chance

Disc 2
1. No Expectations
2. Games People Play
3. Can't Stand The Pain
4. Keep Your Hands To Yourself>
It's Only Rock And Roll
5. Sheila
6. Blues Interlude
7. Hippy Hippy Shake
8. Railroad Steel
9. Movin' On Up (Theme From "The Jeffersons")
10. Shake Rattle And Roll
11. Great Balls Of Fire

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EX Audience Recording

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