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i sometimes use arpeggios in my playing, though i do so very sparingly , i have great difficulty with TWO arpeggio shapes namely




i find the positions of the notes on strings 4 ,3 2 with the zig zag shape to be cumbersome and does not come naturally to me at all. i can blitz thru these arpeggios at high speed by playing them this way




these two patterns i find to come very naturally and it irks me why at sufficient speed , the layout of the notes on d g b strings causes me difficulty, im wondering, is there a knack to getting used that particular layout of notes ? ive watched clips of very technical players whizz thru those shapes as i do the alternate ones i posted , but id really to like to learn the knack of doing it, other shapes cause me no worries at all , just the two at the start of this post. arpeggio masters, can you offer any advice ?

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i dunno if this will really help you bro .. but you gotta play all arps and sweeps with your thumb on the back of the neck .. because its all in the wrist . you move your wrist while you are playing . you should be able to make that 10 - 15 stretch and then with moving your wrist fluidly it should make hitting the 14 very easy . i just scrolled through it and it was pretty straight forward if only you just make sure your wrist is loose and you can move it smoothly ... i cant really say much more than that cause i aint much of an arp or sweep player . im sure ashilan could help if this doesnt .
good luck
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