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The Knack 1979 San Francisco, CA (SBD)

Cassette -> CDR -> HQ Mp3.
Soundboard / FM Broadcast
MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3)Extreme VBR avg. bitrate: 265kbps

1. The Hard Way
2. Your Number Or Your Name
3. I Fought The Law
4. End Of The Game
5. Maybe Tonight
6. Frustrated
7. Siamese Twins
8. Who Do You Love Intro + She's So Selfish
9. My Sharona
10. Havin' a Rave Up
11. A Hard Days NightThanks to RoIOS & Bootlegs for share this boot

Enjoy! :dancingna

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Hi Whisky Lovin' Lawrence..

This show isnt The Knack live 1979 Carnegie Hall
Tracklist in this laserdisc contain these songs:

Live At Carnegie Hall. March 18, 1979
01. Rave Up (intro)
02. Let Me Out
03. Your Number Or Your Name
04. Oh Tara
05. The Hard Way
06. It's You
07. Heartbeat
08. End Of The Game
09. Hold On Tight And Don't Let Go
10. Good Girls Don't
11. Frustrated
12. C'mon Everybody
13. (She's So) Selfish
14. My Sharonna
15. Not Fade Away
16. A Hard Days Night

This show is from a FM broadcastingin April 1979 livein Old Waldorf. In this show they play cover version of The Crickets' I Fought The Law . In the laserdisk not included.

In laserdisk my sharona is 5:30 sec long.. in this show is 6:15 with the singer making some strange orgasmic sounds :D

You can download My Sharona laserdisk Carnegie Hall here
Its completely different.. another show..

btw i think laserdisk audio rip cannot be shared.. Its copyrighted material.. This is free to share.. just an awesome FM recording :D

Sorry my english ;)
Cheers!! :smooch:
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