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The La's
Birmingham Mermaid Hotel
27 October 1987

Source: Sony ECM-029 > Sony WMD6 > Magix Audio Cleaning > mp3
Position: Machine & Microphone were placed on stage near the right hand speaker stack!

A nice story about this one! Two years later they played at the Irish Centre & I overheard someone saying it was
their first concert in Birmingham & was long overdue. Well this one was two years earlier and I was the only
person to pay to go in! It was upstairs at a rough pub in the Sparkhill district (hotel is a bit on an
I only knew the band from my time in Liverpool so put the recorder on stage and went to the bar. The other people
in the audience were girlfriends & mates (about a dozen of us in all) so there you go!
Recording is surprisingly good given the acoustics, lack of crowd & positioning of microphone.

An underrated band I saw them loads of times whilst studying in Liverpool. Mail me if you'd like a list of other
stuff I did by them.


01. (Soundcheck)
02. I Can't Sleep
03. Feelin'
04. Clean Prophet
05. Knock Me Down
06. Son Of A Gun
07. Freedom Song
08. Come In Come Out
09. Way Out
10. Doledrum
11. Liberty Ship
12. Failure
13. (Instrumental)
14. Looking Glass

Download link:
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