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The Mentors - Peoria, Illinois, USA [2010-05-12]

The Mentors are an American heavy metal band, noted for its deliberately sexist shock rock lyrics. They formed in May 1976 in Seattle, Washington[1] and relocated to Los Angeles, California in 1979, where their irreverent attitude aligned them with the city's punk rock scene. Their music has developed stylistically over the years from garage metal to hardcore punk to experimental thrash metal. They bill themselves as the inventors of "rape rock," essentially an early, 1970s-style heavy metal and punk rock fusion with extremely chauvinistic and perverse lyrics about degrading women. Although they garnered attention both from noted hard rock acts and pro-censorship movements such as the PMRC,[2] the high-profile death of drummer and lead singer Eldon Hoke ("El Duce") in 1997 brought them unprecedented attention. They remain active with a retooled line-up.

01 intro
02 Sandwich of Love
03 Donkey Dick
04 On the Rag
05 Golden Showers
06 Free Fix for a Fuck
07 Woman from Sodom
08 In and Out of You [Sickee breaks a string, keeps going]
09 Bring on the Sluts (Stripper pole)
10 Peepin' Tom
11 Rock'em Sock'em
12 Four F Club

45min | DOWNLOAD HERE | 320kbps | psw: tinyass

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