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The Mission -
Backstage, Muenchen, Germany;
October 27, 2010

source: Tascam iM2 mics/Iphone 4; 44.1khz 16bits
location: 4m in front of right line arrays
transfer: Wavelab/TLH/TLH
Sound: very good 2+ (as it sounded). little eq added, few corrections.

01 intro dam busters march
02 Beyond The Pale
03 Serpent's Kiss
04 Swoon
05 Tyranny Of Secrets
06 Garden Of Delight
07 Dance on Glass
08 Blood on the Road
09 Afterglow
10 Like A Child Again
11 Met-Amor-Phosis
12 Tower Of Strength
13 Wasteland

Encore 1:
14 Island in a Stream
15 Butterfly On A Wheel
16 Severina

Encore 2:
17 Never's Longer Than Forever
18 Like A Hurricane
19 Deliverance
20 Outro

It´s the mission, and the mission only. Great night out in Munich. Great set, not all perfect, but a tight performance, beside the drum rolls (which I am waiting for in the meantime :) ). Evi is not my first choice, also due to how she is in the mix. Waynes banter could be more adventurous, not so much a sales event. Dance on Glass worth the trip on its own. Garden of delight too fast (as always these days). Afterglow a treat. Kicking it off with BtP is always epic. Deliverence at the end is epic. Enjoyed it.
Enjoy it.

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