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THE MOVE - When The 60s Come Back To The 80s (SBD A) Repost
When The 60s Come Back To The 80s

Libertated Document bootlleg

Track List:
1. Killroy Was Here
2. Hey Grandma
3. William Chalker's Time Machine
4. Walk Right Back
5. When Alice Comes Back To The Farm
6. Sounds Of Silence
7. Cherry Blossom Clinic
8. Blackberry Way
9. Lightning Never Strikes Twice
10. Falling Forever
11. Curly
12. Open My Eyes
13. Hello Susie
14. She's A Woman
15. Brontosaurus
16. Stephanie Knows Who

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The Move - 1967 TV Shows

Thank you so much! I did see another 'new' one on Bootlegzone - The Move - 1967 TV Shows:

Do you have it? Again, with some tracks it's hard to know if they are duplicates from other sources unless you sit and A/B them (which I am finally trying to do). Based on the info on the page it SOUNDS like they could be new.

Either way, thank you again!
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