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The Offspring
Chicago, Illinois
Congress Theater

Source: CA14 Cardioids > CA-9100 > Sony PCM-M10 > WAV > SoundForge > FLAC
Taper: Discopij
Location: center stage 50 ft away

Track Listing:
1.Hurting As One
2.All I Want
3.Come Out And Play
4.Days Go By
5.Have You Ever
6.Staring At The Sun
7.Gone Away
8.Turning Into You
9.Bad Habit
10.Gotta Get Away
11.OC Guns
12.Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?
13.Why Don't You Get A Job?
14.Dividing By Zero
15.Slim Pickens...
16.You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
17.Pretty Fly
18.The Kids Aren't Alright

19.Encore Break

21.Head Around You
22.Self Esteem

0ce1bf85a8eb74ce6aec9f1812bbc2ae *01.flac
471c0bd635d029112fe59401b3cf1eb1 *02.flac
3bc6b36868947bef1794aa73535187fc *03.flac
f08e9ba4299089f591aefd27345217f2 *04.flac
6c40f37bab4c9cdb7572ef5ccf97c6f3 *05.flac
0b220829c1e60a4275c4bf951cd228a5 *06.flac
f240303645c917561782e2c26bb0a7ea *07.flac
7ecbcad2bc68b9942140a253ba2b0973 *08.flac
c307ef3c2adaebbed5cb7e15a4c748fd *09.flac
7a8cf7e7090450c5691241007b33633e *10.flac
720a66eed9e11092761cbb3b4f9367d9 *11.flac
56b3ac70313611c7670e58d50d10e5d7 *12.flac
8c91f0b24d27cb8138afcf2033bd1d5e *13.flac
2a15b8f5379873b67cc97aaaae13ab4a *14.flac
aed45c27191a9e48101af3f7fcbf944b *15.flac
94e5e80880a4e77ca191c72905eac002 *16.flac
e9d5a191a82dc893bc9cb2f62e6ffe24 *17.flac
c5ca3d06677040c1cd04bd0f69bcdc1b *18.flac
58f75f25dcb5f60d33f7368acb4979d1 *19.flac
5657f7cdb070b6a4e87c36ce78a6a401 *20.flac
ea86ddbbf34429743984b02dbdaa67b8 *21.flac
e095b2529b5e31e8cbce29d5afe5e5db *22.flac

Always been a big fan of Offspring, even though they never play my favorite songs. The new album is pretty good so I recommend this show. The sound came out better on the recording than I expected considering how brutally awful the sound at the Congress always is. Enjoy!!04MWHDjR!t3brLHXlUj4E4xm9IQYI6fNfBrtYFIaosJWUAP8CrSk
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