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Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, NY

Source: Pre-FM SBD feed > Nak 550 > Maxell UDXL2 (no NR) via Peter Hedeman

Transfer: MC > Nak CR7-A (azimith adjust) > SBM-1 (s/pdif) > Lynx Studio Technology One (soundcard) > SoundForge 4.5 > CD Architect 4.0f > Red Book CDR

Re-Master: CDR > WAV > Wavelab 4.0c (adjust volume and Ultramaximizer at -2 dB threshold to increase headroom) > FLAC

Disc 1

1. Commercials, Dennis McNamara introduction, and Star Wars music >
2. Hurry Sundown
3. Lover Boy
4. Dirty City
5. Cold & Lonesome
6. Holiday
7. Real Good Feelin'
8. Freeborn Man
9. Take It Any Way You Want It
10. Cry Some More

Disc 2

1. Song For You / You Are The Show
2. Waterhole
3. There Goes Another Love Song > Crowd (Encore Break)
4. Stick Around For Rock 'N Roll" (significant crowd noise at the end)
5. Green Grass and High Tides Forever

The levels in tracks 1 through 8 were uneven -- too low at the begining of the show, then relatively higher until the band introductions at the end of track 8. I used Wavelab to lower the leves and even things out, and also to mute a loud section at 1:33 on track two where the left channel was raised significantly for a second or so. I then used the Waves L1-Ultramaximizer to restore the volume and increase headroom.

There is some annoying mic buzz during times when lead singer's mic is on, but it's only audible when there's no other music.

The commercials at the begining of track 1 are amusing. The advertising of blank audio tape prior to a live concert broadcast speaks volumes about the recording and copying of live music in 1979. As for why they opened the show with the Star Wars theme, it beats me. The show was broadcast on WLIR on Long Island and WILQ in Philadelphia.

Freddie Salem -- guitar
Billy Jones -- guitar
Hughie Thomasson -- guitar
Harvey Dalton Arnold - Bass
Monty Yoho - drums
David Dix - drums

Seeded by Mark Goldey :: m[email protected] :: December 21, 2004

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