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The Outlaws -
The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA;
November 22, 1976

Source : "No Stage Till Sundown" bootleg > Flac

Editing : Soundforge (various adjustments) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den - December 31, 2019
Edited & posted by kingrue #2275

This was broadcast on the radio and has never been on TTD.

I had the Flac files sent to me from Zowie. I converted back to wave for inspection.

I noticed the wave pattern was lifting off from the center line, so I fixed that by applying DC off-set.

I also adjusted the volume and balanced channels, along with re-tracking & titling the tracks.

I also removed a big chunk of dead space at the end of the last track.

The MC introduces this as Los Angeles, (not to be confused with the Sausalito Record Plant location)

The quality is as near to perfect as you'd expect.


I believe this is the correct line up for the time period. This band had a lot of line up changes.

Band line up
Hughie Thomasson – guitar, vocals, pedal steel guitar, banjo (passed away September 9, 2007, aged 55)
Billy Jones – lead guitar, keyboards, vocals (passed away February 7, 1995, aged 45)
Harvey Dalton Arnold – bass, vocals (tenure 1976–1980)
Monte Yoho – drums, percussion (presently still in the band)
Henry Paul – guitar, vocals (presently still in the band)

Total Time = 50:00

Set list
01 Waterhole
02 Stick Around
03 Song In The Breeze
04 Freeborn Man
05 Cry No More
06 Knoxville Girl
07 Green Grass & High Tides
08 There Goes Another Love Song

Happy New Year's Eve !!!!!! 2020 !!!!!


MPEG test results are Lossless.

01 Waterhole.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 99%.
02 Stick Around.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%.
03 Song In The Breeze.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%.
04 Freeborn Man.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%.
05 Cry No More.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%.
06 Knoxville Girl.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%.
07 Green Grass & High Tides.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%.
08 There Goes Another Love Song.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%.

No errors occured.


No errors occured.

01 Waterhole.flac:eb41cf54a1e967ca7cc3bbb97db24c7f
02 Stick Around.flac:47be432a11925d4098b8702801a60506
03 Song In The Breeze.flac:2d0839b6c162fd15de2b54e1b4dea782
04 Freeborn Man.flac:2fa40053df284c5f3140b33179dbf0f0
05 Cry No More.flac:74500b7bc6602a6752ec34eca6c82e4f
06 Knoxville Girl.flac:f8c2e2fee5d88d6c7f5f0c1df396576b
07 Green Grass & High Tides.flac:d8760496d1f7601cdf40875c51a6908d
08 There Goes Another Love Song.flac:ff39164e77569532d0193947b09afc5b

Checksum file saved to disk.

No errors occured.


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This appears to be missing at least one track, "Lover Boy". I had a copy of this that is slightly lesser quality from KMET, and had the date wrong, but I carefully compared each track and the banter between, and in this copy there's a very clear splice after Song In The Breeze, at 05:15, where Freeborn Man is introduced. On my copy, following Song In The Breeze, Lover Boy is introduced, "We're gonna try a new song Hughie wrote, it's called Lover Boy".

Further, right after the splice in this copy, you hear someone in the audience yell "All right!" and that exact "All right!" is heard on my copy just following Lover Boy. Given the splice and the seamlessness of the transitions between these two versions, IMO, the Lover Boy from my copy is definitely from this performance, so I will be inserting it in my archive.

I extracted that track out and moved the spliced 14.72 seconds from the end of Song In The Breeze to the end of my copy of Lover Boy, so it makes a perfect slipstream.
For anyone that wants to insert this in to this copy for completeness, you just need to remove the spliced 14.72 seconds from the end of Breeze:

104 - Lover Boy:

Here's the entire thing with the spliced section from Song In The Breeze moved to the inserted Lover Boy:[sbd]-747021.html

Note: When merging data from the two info files, I neglected to change the location from KMET to The Record Plant.
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