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The Police - 1979-09-29 - New York City, NY (FM/FLAC)

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The Police - 1979-09-29 - New York City, NY

EX stereo off-air cassette master.

This new version is the complete show with no cuts. The panning from stereo to mono and back during the patch is very smooth and hard to detect exactly even when listening on headphones. (It's at the beginning of Peanuts and you can hear it in one of the samples I'm including).

Original lineage: Pioneer 747 receiver > Dokorder cassette deck > original TDK SA tape > transfer and remastering by seriusjoe > flac 8 > tlh > dimesters the world over

New info: Dime seed > xACT extraction > Pro Tools (5 second patch at beginning of Peanuts - up to track 8 is unchanged - retracked from track 9 to end on sector boundaries) > AIFF > xACT (Flac level 8 files).

Patch source: low gen. off-air FM monophonic reel > Tandberg 9241XD > Macintosh with Digidesign Audiomedia III sound card > Pro Tools.

01 [0:16] DJ intro
02 [7:33] So Lonely
03 [2:22] Truth Hurts Everybody
04 [4:27] Walking On The Moon
05 [4:04] Hole In My Life
06 [2:36] Fallout
07 [5:01] Bring On The Night
08 [4:56] Message In A Bottle
09 [7:01] The Bed's Too Big Without You
10 [2:44] Peanuts
11 [6:25] Roxanne
12 [7:12] Can't Stand Losing You
13 [2:20] Landlord
14 [5:27] Born In The Fifties
15 [4:00] Be My Girl
16 [0:40] DJ comments
total time: 67:08

THANKS to Nevinsrip who recorded and seeded the original. Here is the info from his last posting:
I seeded this back in 2005. I figured that it was time to start re-seeding many of the shows that I recorded throughout the years. Back in the heydays of FM radio, I lived in Flushing Queens and at the time, I had an FM antennae on my roof that picked up WLIR, WNEW, WPIX, WPLJ and WFUV at their optimum. My equipment was pretty good at the time of these recordings and it's time for me to start sharing what I have again. I probably have 400 or so FM shows. Quite a few of them are from the WLIR Tuesday Night Concert series.

WOW!! The response to the first POLICE show at the Palladium was great. So, I've decided to continue with them and put up this gem from the long gone WPIX-FM. WPIX was at he forefront of the New Wave back in the early days. Their focus was on artists like the Police, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson and the rest of what was called New Wave. They had a tremendous Sunday night 3 hour show called "RADIO-RADIO" which featured all the New Wave artists in studio playing their records and discussing their music with the DJ. It is unfortunate that I cannot upload them here, as I have almost the entire series on tape.

As for this show, WPIX was not very popular in it's day and died a quick death. Unlike WNEW or WLIR they didn't broadcast many live shows. This is probably the hardest to find of the several NYC Police concerts broadcast on the various stations. Enjoy it. In short order, I'll put up the Bottom Line and the My Fathers Place shows. Keep watching this space.

Some notes about the lineage. I sent my original tape to a guy known as SERIUSJOE. He remastered the whole show and transferred it to CD for me. At the time, I did not have the capability to transfer tape to CD. This is direct from the disc that I received back from him in FLAC format.




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Thank you for sharing music.
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