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The Pretenders - Detroit & Chicago. 1984-87; FM

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Here is a run of Pretenders stuff, recently shared by Daspy...... thank you to all involved in these shares.

The Pretenders -
The Fox Theatre, Detroit, Michigan;
July 7, 1984

FM Broadcast

Lineage: FM Broadcast> Maxell UD-XLII Cassette> CD-R> flac
Sound Quality: A
Artwork: Included

Disc One-
1. The Wait
2. The Adultress
3. Time the Avenger
4. My City Was Gone
5. Talk of the Town (Minor skip at 1:13)
6. Thin Line Between Love and Hate
7. Thumbelina
8. Back on the Chain Gang
9. Mystery Achievement
10. Middle of the Road
11. Up the Neck
12. Precious (Tape flip/minor cut in)
13. Brass in Pocket
14. Tattooed Love Boys

The Pretenders
U.I.C. Pavillion, Chicago, Illinois
March 24, 1987

FM Broadcast
Lineage: FM Broadcast> Maxell UD-XLII Cassette> CD-R> flac
Sound Quality: A+
Artwork: Included

Disc One (Cont.)-
15. Room Full of Mirrors (Minor cut in)
16. Message of Love (Cuts Out)
17. Time the Avenger
18. Kid

Disc Two (Chicago 1987 Cont.)-
1. Light of the Moon
2. My Baby
3. Private Life
4. Hymn to Her
5. Back on the Chain Gang
6. My City Was Gone
7. Bad Boys Get Spanked
8. Middle of the Road
9. Precious
10. Don't Get Me Wrong
11. Brass in Pocket
12. Mystery Achievement
13. The Wait


Two shows for the price of one download.
This package is a combination of two FM Broadcasts
that I transfered awhile back for a friend and myself.
I dug it out the other day and decided it was worth sharing.
I recorded the 1984 show, and my friend recorded the 1987 show.
I asked my friend why "Message of Love" was cut off,
and he does not remember (Imagine that! It's only been twenty years).
The setlist for the 1987 show lists "The Adultress" after "Message of Love".
Obviously, it didn't get recorded.
I had to put the first four tracks of the 1987 show on Disc One
to conserve space.

Anyway, these are two splendid sounding, rocking shows.
The 1987 show sounds better, but they both jam.
I whipped up some artwork on Nero.
This is a must have for all fans of The Pretenders!

Enjoy all.

"Art as expression not as market campaigns,
Will still capture our imaginations"
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