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Hey All...
I am not a bassist, I play 6 string guitar, but I enjoy it and I have been playing Bass with a country band to make a little extra cash on my nights off. I've been doing this about 6 months now and I've found that I really enjoy playing bass guitar, but now I have a question.
I'm playing an old Bass that I bought several years ago to use in recording at home. Last Saturday Night, I broke a string ('bout time... these strings are probably 30 years old). :icon_eek: Anyway, I need to put some new strings on it, but I've discovered a few things about playing bass and different sounds depending on how I play. I wanna get the right bass strings. Any Bass guitarists with suggestions would be great.
The strings that are on there now are real old Round Wounds. Sorry, don't know the gauge. I don't use a pick, I use my thumb or my fingers, because I like the soft attack - opposed to the bright, quick attack of a pick. The only problem I have come across is that If I play with my finger tips, it's much brighter than if I use my thumb (Is this normal?). I would like to stop using my thumb and use just my finger tips, but it's too bright most of the time.
Hopefully, I haven't completely confussed you here, because my question is... Is there a type of strings that I should buy for this to get the sound that I want using ONLY my finger tips?
A nice soft, yet fat BASS sound? Similar to the sound you get when you use your thumb.
Hehe... Now I think I might have even confussed myself. :icon_surp Hopefully, someone knows what I'm talking about.
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