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The Rolling Stones - More Stoned Than You'll Ever Be
(Studio FLAC)

Artist: The Rolling Stones
Album: More Stoned Than You'll Ever Be/The Rolling Stones Anthology 1963 - 1971
Genre: Rock/Classic Rock
Source: CD - NMR
Year: 1963 - 1971
Label: © ? DIGIT
Catalog: # DICD3-007B
Ripper: Exact Audio Copy 0.99pb5 (Secure T&C) & Accurate Rip & PHILIPS DVDR1648P1
Codec: Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
Version: reference libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917
Quality: Lossless, (avg. compression: CD1: 45 % CD2: 52 % CD3: 54 %)
Channels: Stereo / 44100 HZ / 16 Bit
Tags: VorbisComment {Properly tagged by: BigSmurf2}
Information 033a&section=9
The Rolling Stones - Wikipedia

01. (00:03:25) Baby What's Wrong [IBC]
02. (00:02:25) Bright Lights, Big City [IBC]
03. (00:03:04) Road Runner [IBC]
04. (00:02:38) Diddley Daddy [IBC]
05. (00:02:02) I Want to Be Loved (alternate version) [IBC]
06. (00:02:01) Come On [BBC]
07. (00:02:19) Memphis, Tennessee [BBC]
08. (00:02:17) Roll Over Beethoven [BBC]
09. (00:01:50) Leave Me Alone [Regent]
10. (00:01:38) It Should Be You [Regent]
11. (00:02:00) My Only Girl [Regent]
12. (00:02:22) There Are But Five Rolling Stones [Regent]
13. (00:01:50) Not Fade Away (alternate version) [Regent]
14. (00:03:02) Andrew's Blues [Regent]
15. (00:02:51) And Mr. Spector and Mr. Pitney Came Too [Regent]
16. (00:02:35) As Time Goes By (alternate version of As Tears Go By) [De Lane Lea]
17. (00:02:44) Route 66 [BBC, Camden Theatre]
18. (00:03:55) Cops and Robbers [BBC, Camden Theatre]
19. (00:03:01) You Better Move On [BBC, Camden Theatre]
20. (00:02:51) Mona [BBC, Camden Theatre]
21. (00:04:08) Stewed And Keefed [Chess]
22. (00:01:55) Tell Me Baby [Chess]
23. (00:02:59) Hi-Heel Sneakers [Chess]
24. (00:02:44) Down In The Bottom [Chess]
25. (00:02:02) Don't Lie to Me (alternate stereo mix) [Chess]
26. (00:03:35) Reelin' And Rockin' [Chess]
27. (00:03:45) 2120 South Michigan Avenue [BBC]
28. (00:02:35) Blue Turns to Grey (alternate version) [Regent & Decca]
29. (00:02:26) Da Doo Ron Ron [Regent & Decca]
30. (00:02:00) Hear It (edited) [Regent & Decca]

01. (00:04:57) Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (long version - stereo mix) [RCA]
02. (00:02:08) Goodbye Girl [Chess]
03. (00:02:12) Play with Fire (stereo mix) [RCA]
04. (00:03:21) The Last Time (stereo mix) [RCA]
05. (00:03:44) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (alternate stereo mix) [RCA]
06. (00:01:56) Good Times (xtra female backing vox - stereo mix) [RCA]
07. (00:02:13) Fannie Mae [BBC]
08. (00:02:15) Looking Tired [RCA]
09. (00:02:57) Get Off of My Cloud (stereo mix) [RCA]
10. (00:02:21) Paint It Black (backing track) [RCA]
11. (00:02:42) Con Le Mie Lacrime (italian vers. of As Tears Go By) [IBC]
12. (00:02:28) Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow? (alternate version) [RCA]
13. (00:03:18) Ruby Tuesday (backing track) [Olympic]
14. (00:03:07) Yesterday's Papers (backing track - unedited) [RCA]
15. (00:03:16) Get Yourself Together [RCA]
16. (00:02:09) Title 15 (edited) [Olympic]
17. (00:03:32) Blues 3 (edited) [Olympic]
18. (00:02:54) Gold Painted Fingernails (edited) [Olympic]
19. (00:03:52) 2000 Light Years from Home (alternate backing track) [Olympic]
20. (00:02:21) Citadel (backing track - edited) [Olympic]
21. (00:01:08) 5 Part Jam (part 1) [Olympic]
22. (00:04:58) (I'm A) Highway Child [Redlands]
23. (00:05:07) Blood Red Wine [Olympic]
24. (00:09:10) Still a Fool (edited) [Olympic]

01. (00:03:16) Pay Your Dues (alternate vers. of Street Fighting Man) [Olympic]
02. (00:02:33) No Expectations (alternate mix - edited) [Olympic]
03. (00:05:29) Sister Morphine (alternate version) [Olympic]
04. (00:03:03) Honky Tonk Women (alternate version) [Olympic]
05. (00:02:50) You Got The Silver (alternate version - Jagger lead vox.) [Olympic]
06. (00:02:11) I Was Just A Country Boy (edited) [Olympic]
07. (00:03:35) Downtown Suzie (stereo mix) [Olympic]
08. (00:03:21) Jiving Sister Fanny (alternate version) [Olympic]
09. (00:05:29) Wild Horses (alternate mix) [Muscle Shoals]
10. (00:03:21) Hamburger To Go [Olympic & Stargroves]
11. (00:02:40) Leather Jacket (edited) [Olympic & Stargroves]
12. (00:02:44) Who Am I? (edited) [Olympic & Stargroves]
13. (00:05:56) Travellin' Man [Olympic & Stargroves]
14. (00:03:26) Potted Shrimp (edited) [Olympic & Stargroves]
15. (00:03:21) Cocksucker Blues [Olympic & Stargroves]
16. (00:03:49) Aladdin Story [Olympic & Stargroves]
17. (00:04:10) Brown Sugar (alternate version - Clapton lead guitar) [Olympic]
18. (00:03:17) Good Time Women (alternate version of Tumbling Dice) [Olympic, Stargroves & Villa Nellcote]
19. (00:03:00) Sweet Black Angel (backing track) [Olympic, Stargroves & Villa Nellcote]
20. (00:02:19) Rolling Stones (Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys) - Beautiful Delilah [Home Recordings - Dartford]
21. (00:02:02) Rolling Stones (Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys) - I Ain't Got You [Home Recordings - Dartford]
22. (00:00:45) You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover [Curly Clayton]
23. (00:00:50) Wake Up In The Morning (Rice Crispies jingle) [STAR]
24. (00:03:43) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (alternate version)
25. (00:00:09) Signin' Off [BBC]
Another astonishing collection that comes right out of the blue.
Where The Hell Did This Collection Come From ?
Did Mick and Keith "unofficially" open up the vaults ?
'Cause it's that good .PERIOD.

An outstanding collection of outtakes and alternate versions of the best unreleased Stones You'll Ever Hear !
A wonderful suppliment to CD Maximum's collection of re-issued original albums with bonus tracks. Many of the tracks on More Stoned have never been released in this fidelity before. Obviously great care, time and dedication was put into picking the tracks for inclusion.Only the most complete, and best quality tracks were included. Historically, some very early tracks are included on disc 3, but that is only for historical purposes. ALL are in Superb sound quality. ALL songs are either alternate versions, outtakes, or live broadcasts, in stunning sound quality.

The BBC broadcast tracks sound like they were broadcast today, they are that clear.

Packaging and presentation are first rate. Puts even officially released Stones albums to shame.

All songs fully documented from best sources available, on the booklet that comes with the set. Very well researched and documented sources for all tracks. Thoroughly completes any Stones collection.

The main goal was to produce an Anthology like set to supplement any Stones collection. This surpasses the Beatles Anthology sets for quality, rarity and documentation of Stones material.

Many, many rarities are included in the best sound fidelity. It even includes, for historicial purposes, a crackley copy of pre-Stones --- Little Boy Blue And The Blue Boys singing: You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover on their very first acetate.Yes, it is crackley, but it is like marks on fine leather, proof of it's authenticity. Only one copy of this acetate exists, (from only 3-pressed in 1962) and it's in possession of Mick Jagger's brother Chris. This is a young 18-year old Mick Jagger singing with Brian Jones and Keith Richards prior to Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman joining the band.

Unconfirmed research has this demo being recorded on 27th Oct. 1962, but this has not been substantiated. Included are IBC studio, Regent Sound studio, Chess studio, RCA Los Angeles, Olympic studios, Muscle Shoals and home recording session outtakes.
Also, some outtakes from Keith Richards' home in Nellecote, France 1971-early 1972 during the recording of Exile On Main Street.
There are also various BBC broadcasts, and even recordings at Mick Jagger's home (Stargroves) in 1969-1970!!

Five Stars INDEED .. ! Mick and Keith couldn't have picked any better.

This should have been the Bill Wyman: Black Box compilation or the ABKCO Metamorphosis collection, it would have easily been a million seller for the Stones.
Too Bad for the Stones, great for us fans. Listening to this, they truly are the worlds greatest rock and roll band.

Two words sum it up .GET IT !
My copy may be the second version of More Stoned with a slightly different track listing.
I have been checking with the producer of this CD set, and he advises this is a newer version and some of the older tracks were pulled and/or re-arranged for authenticity.

A third version of More Stoned with a fourth CD disc of more unreleased tracks is due out any day. Further, the sound quality has been greatly improved on all tracks.




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I see the links in the raw paste data but I can't access them; that's the only reason I generated a free account. I tried to copy/paste, but that didn't work either. Sorry if I seem like I'm trying to go about this the long way, EDGE. I do appreciate your help, indeed!
Once you go to pastebin page and see the download links, simply copy and paste in your browser all links listed there.
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