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I believe that all the Stones stereo mixes from Chess and RCA are here, and in the best available sound. People are still trading around crappy old bootlegs made from multi-gen cassettes and there is no reason for it! So here is everything in one place and sounding better than ever.


101 It's All Over Now (stereo master)
102 I Can't Be Satisfied (stereo master)
103 If You Need Me (stereo master)
104 Empty Heart (stereo master)
105 2120 South Michigan Avenue (stereo master)
106 Confessin' The Blues (stereo master)
107 Around And Around (stereo master)
108 Look What You've Done (stereo master)
109 Down The Road Apiece (stereo master)
110 What A Shame (stereo master)
111 Time Is On My Side (stereo master)
112 Don't Lie To Me (alt stereo mix)
113 Down In The Bottom (stereo master)
114 Tell Me Baby (stereo master)
115 High-Heeled Sneakers (stereo master)
116 Stewed And Keefed (stereo master)
117 Heart Of Stone (alt stereo mix)
118 I've Been Loving You Too Long (stereo master)
201 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (stereo master)
202 The Last Time (stereo master)
203 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (alt stereo mix)
204 Play With Fire (stereo master)
205 Get Off Of My Cloud (alt stereo mix)
206 Paint It Black (alt stereo mix)
207 19th Nervous Breakdown (stereo master)
208 Think (alt stereo mix)
209 Looking Tired (stereo master)
210 Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby (stereo master)
211 We Love You (stereo master)
212 Dandelion (stereo master)

213 Heart Of Stone (stereo master)
214 Get Off Of My Cloud (stereo master)
215 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (stereo master)
216 19th Nervous Breakdown (alt stereo vocal)

Original Source: Stereo Master Reels
except 112-115 and 209 which are from cassette
and 116, 201 and 208 which are from vinyl

This release was carefully compiled from the best available sources. All tracks have the cleanest sound and widest stereo image possible. Many of these mixes are officially unreleased or currently unavailable, inexplicably.

Track 201 transferred by Lukpac. Thanks to him for his help.

Curated and mastered by The Sound Blokes

SB-003 (March 2021)

The Rolling Stones - Stereo Masters (2021) (.flac).zip


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Thank you for sharing.

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superb vintage artwork! and what a set! my favorite songs are here- I like so much "Heart Of Stone", "Play With Fire" (which was used in a Wes Anderson movie - great separation) and "Paint It Black" sounds mindblowing.
By the way, it's the first time that I can hear so well the mellotron (is it a mellotron) on "We Love You" - even the Beatles harmonies can be heard. And this killer piano-intro kind of pre-Hey Bulldog by Nicky Hopkins is kick-ass!

there so much highlights on this set! just "simplement" this is a set of highlights ;-)
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