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Upgrade of this one by the good Captain in 2020; Thanks for all the work on this one.......



The Rolling Stones,
Sticky Beggars Bleed In Exile,
Studio outtakes, 1968 - 1972
Captain Acid Remaster

Disc ONE
01-Tumbling Dice aka Good Time Woman
02-Stop Breaking Down
03-Two Trains
04-Highway Chile
05-Brown Sugar
06-Hamburger To Go
07-I Ain`t Lying
08-Tumbling Dice
09-Cocksucker Blues
10-Jiving Sister Fanny
11-Travellin` Man
12-Country Honk
13-Let It Rock
14-I`m Going Down
15-You Gotta Move
16-Memo From Turner
17-I Don`t Know Why
19-I Got The Blues
20-Wild Horses 01

Disc TWO
02-Downtown Lucie
03-Sister Morphine 01
04-Leather Jacket
05-Brown Sugar 02
06-Parachute Woman
07-Potted Shrimp
08-Dear Doctor #4
09-I`m A Country Boy
10-Little Queenie
11-Dancing In The Light
12-You Got The Silver
13-Prodigal Son
14-Shake Your Hips
15-Trident Jam
16-Factory Girl
17-(Can`t Seem To) Get A Line On You
18-Wild Horses 03
19-I Don`t Know The Reason Why_edit
20-Exile On Main Street Blues

Disc Three
1. Gimme Shelter,
2. No Expectations III,
3. Sway I,
4. Salt of The Earth II,
5. Symphathy For The Devil I,
6. Jigsaw Puzzle II,
7. You Can`t Always Get What You Want V,
8. Turd On The Run,
9. Love In Vain,
10. Bitch I,
11. London Jam,
12. Did Everybody Pay Their Dues (Street Fighting Man III),
13. Say It`s Not You I,
14. Sweet Black Angel II,
15. Stray Cat Blues II,
16. I Don`t Know The Reason Why (a.k.a. Hillside Blues).

Disc Four:
1. Dead Flowers II,
2. Jumpin` Jack Flash II,
3. Loving Cup I,
4. I`m Yours I`m Hers,
5. Blood Red Wine,
6. Street Fighting Man IV,
7. Who Am I? II,
8. Soul Survivor I,
9. John`s Jam,
10. Sweet Virginia III,
11. I Don`t Care,
12. Ventilator Blues 2,
13. Aladdin Story,
14. Child Of The Moon III,
15. Let It Loose II,
16. Uptight / Satisfaction (w. Stevie Wonder).

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