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The Last Time - Through The Vaults Darkly Volume 3
The Godfatherecords [G.R. 249/250]
2 CD
Artwork Included

CD 1:
01. Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin') [01:53]
02. Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue (aka Dandelion) [02:00]
03. The Last Time [03:07]
04. Family [03:42]
05. Stray Cat Blues [05:00]
06. I Don't Know Why [02:06]
07. Stewed And Keefed [04:08]
08. Blood Red Wine [05:15]
09. All Down The Line [03:57]
10. Sweet Virginia [04:18]
11. Shine A Light [04:04]
12. Shake Your Hips [04:13]
13. I'm Going Down [02:55]
14. Angie [04:34]
15. Till The Next Goodbye [04:37]
16. Time Waits For No One [06:45]
17. Ain't Too Proud to Beg [03:47]

CD 2:
01. Miss You [05:41]
02. Let's Go Steady [02:52]
03. Beast of Burden [05:14]
04. No Use In Crying [04:30]
05. Slipping Away [07:55]
06. Thru And Thru [10:08]
07. Love Is Strong [05:42]
08. Ivy League [04:26]
09. Sparks Will Fly [03:16]
10. Under The Radar [05:08]
11. Don't Wanna Go Home [04:32]
12. Streets of Love [05:09]

We Got A Good Thing Going is a raritie that is nowhere listed but was according to our reels of a January 1964 recording session in London's IBC Regent Studios. Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue was recorded on December 5 1966 in London's Olympic studios. The Last Time is from January 17 at De Lane Lea Studios in London. Family is a Beggars Banquet outtake about a family with 2 daughters that want to become prostitutes. The song was only finished half a few times, together they finally make the entire song on this CD.
From those same sessions in the Summer of '68 comes Stray Cat Blues in its original incarnation.

I Don't Know Why (I Love Vou, Baby) is a song with a story. This Stevie Wonder cober was recorded in the night of July 3 1969 in OIympic Studios, while mixing the song the session was interrupted by a phonecall form the wife of Brian Jones'chauffeur announcing the death of Brian. Stewed And Keefed was often refered to as a" Jamming With edward" outtake but is actual a instrumental from as early as 1964 recorded at Chicago's Chess Studios with Keith on guitar and lan Stewart on piano duelling on this master piece. Blood Red Wine brings us back to the' 68 Olympic Studios sessions for Beggars Banquet. Nellcote, France. January 1972 and the recording of their masterpiece Exile On Mainstreet.
All Down The Line, Sweet Virginia, Shine A Lightw
And Shake Your Hips are all taken from these sessions. I'm Going Down was also recorded at Nellcote but the take here is from 1969's OIympic Stludios sessions. Angie was written by Keith for his daughter Angela and was recorded in Jamaicaat Dynamic Sounds in Kingston in December 1972. The final 3 tracks on CD one are 'till The NextTime (We Say Goodbye), Time Waits For No One and Ain't Too Proud To Beg. All were recorded for It's Only Rock And Roll in 1974 at Munich's Musicland studios. These versions are quite different and more hard edge than the originals!
Miss You is from the lengthy PathŽ Marconi sessions in Paris in the Fall of 1977. This version is similar but longer with different Iyrics and solos than the final released version. Let's Go Steady Again was recorded on the Bahamas at the famous Compass Point studios in Nassau in February 1979. This amazing Sam Cooke cover is a duet between Keith and Chrissy Kimsey, Chris Kimseys wife who was producing and engineering. Unfortunately it was never released on CD until now. It was played though in the New Barbarians setlist during some of their concerts.

Beast Of Burden brings us back to PathŽ Marconi with a totally different version, lyrically that is! Ain't No Use ln Cryin was also done at PathŽ Marconi, the Stones'2nd home in the late 70's, during the Summer of 1979 and would later wind up on Tattoo You'. This version however is lengthier with great piano and organ work by Hopkins and Stewart. We jump
to 1988, nearly 10 years later with this very early take of Slippin' Away. Possibly recorded for Keith's first solo album. It was dropped or simply never finished properly untill Keith and Mick gave it a second change and a c1assic was born. These sessions were recorded at the famous AIR studios in Montserrat. The next 4 tracks all come from the Windmill Lane studios in Dublin where the Stones recorded Voodoo Lounge with producer Don Was. First is the rare long version of Thru And Thru with percussion and Pierre de Beauport,
Keith's guitar tech, on guitar. The song was written after a night out and once returning home Keith insisted on recording the track with Pierre. This is the 3rd take/attempt with percussion by Bernard Fowler.
Love Is Strong is a final rehearsal take recorded at Ron Wood's Sandymount Studios in Kildare, lreland. Ivy League is a sister of Mooon is Up.
This version has a first set of lyrics but unfortllnately it was never finished as it was too similar to Moon Is Up. Sparks Will Fly is also from Winmill Lane and is an outtake version. The final 3 songs brings uS to the present day. These are all A Bigger Bang outtakes that are different to the versions released on CD or DYD and recorded in St. Vincent on the West Indies.
Under The Radar and I Don't Wanna Go Home are great songs that were dropped from the final album tracklist but made it as DVD bonustracks on the Bigger Bang Bonus DVD. These versions howvere are different, early studio takes as is The Streets Of Love which closes this final part of Through The Vaults Darkly in style.

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