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The Runaways
The Agora
Cleveland, OH

Lineage: Trade or Dime??->EAC File extraction->Traders Little Helper for FLAC encoding

I think you all know the story about the Runaways.....Joan Jett and Lita Ford on guitar. Both
went on to enjoy considerable success after the Runaways broke up in the late 80's.

Rate thy seeder.

1.California Paradise
2.Cherry Bomb
3.Take it or Leave it
5.You Drive me Wild
8.Wild Thing
9.Don't Use Me
10.Rock and Roll
11.Is it Day or Night?
12.Johnny Guitar
13.Dead End Justice

85767150d268da86b42113eee5d06fea *Track01 - California Paradise.flac
eff213dcbc869436785d8a957e8726e9 *Track02 - Cherry Bomb.flac
900947a14ebc43eef1e728bc67cc77b5 *Track03 - Take it or Leave It.flac
e6007217198f96af55ff716e797de290 *Track04 - Secrets.flac
12b68bee86438ef1aeef93ee74bd4315 *Track05 - You Drive Me Wild.flac
49e05f2f95cab17e4fd81b79c1417682 *Track06 - C'Mon.flac
921784b1abc4277feec44577a4be10c5 *Track07 - Blackmail.flac
e3e86aafb800c22234a5b794204790ff *Track08 - Wild Thing.flac
c684f64f7290c5fe05aa9b0de045319a *Track09 - Don't Use Me.flac
f09a24bef5ecd823356b08f842aeea5d *Track10 - Rock and Roll.flac
37e685200c9c59499269f67cd7bdaa7b *Track11 - Is it Day or Night.flac
7ea81fcd2b71790991cb6bfba2199502 *Track12 - Johnny Guitar.flac
aa56123c5d3c3e817d219de96f4604cf *Track13 - Dead End Justice.flac!pdQQgJRJ!z3qhxVwS-CibmuH0P3tLILl5k2tWvxneEK7eUOt_2f8
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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