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The Skids
John Peel Sessions 1978 - 1980

16th May 1978
1.Of One Skin.
2.Open Sound.
4.Night And Day.
5.TV Stars.

29th August 1978
6.Dossier Of Fallibility.
7.Hope And Glory.
8.Six Times.
9.The Saints Are Coming.

19th February 1979
11.Hang On To The Shadows.
13.Walk On The Wild Side.

30th April 1979
14.War Poets.
15.Withdrawal Symptoms.
16.Hymns From A Haunted Ballroom.

1st September 1980
17.Filming In Africa.
18.An Incident In Algiers.
19.Circus Games.
20.Snakes And Ladders. (Instrumental)

Total Playing Time 63:20

1 - 16
Richard Jobson (Vocals)
Stuart Adamson (Lead Guitar)
William Simpson (Bass)
Thomas Kellichan (Drums)

17 - 20
Richard Jobson (Vocals, Guitar-Snakes And Ladders (Instrumental) Only)
Russell Webb (Bass, Guitar)
Mike Baillie (Drums)
John Mcgeoch (Guitar-Filming In Africa, An Incident In Algiers, Circus Games, Vocals-Filming In Africa, Circus Games)
Steve Severin (Vocals-Filming In Africa, Circus Games Only)

CD- R Audio - Wav - MP3
MP3 320 Kbps

Good Sound Quality Overall

File Size 144 MB

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Alright everybody, just joined this forum. Was wondering if any of you have any of The Skids early demo tracks? That's all I need to complete my collection, it's driving me mad that i can't find them anywhere! If anyone's got them would you mind posting them?
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