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The Smiths - 1983 - Troy Tate Sessions
(Studio FLAC)

The Smiths - The Smiths (Troy Tate Version)
Elephant Studios, London July-August 1983
Lineage: Studio Master > Cassette > FLAC

The Smiths recorded demos at Decibel Studios and Drone Studios in 1982, then signed to Rough Trade and recorded a couple of singles in Strawberry Studios. For the first album, Rough Trade hired Troy Tate to produce and recorded the album in Elephant Studios. Despite completing the album the band weren't happy with the sound and re-recorded the whole album again in London with John Porter behind the desk.

A few official tracks of that first Troy Tate album have been released (specifically Pretty Girls Make Graves and Jeane), but most hasn't. On bootlegs, various mixes of these sessions have been released. It's never been clear what was due to be officially released. Stephane explains it much better than I could on PassionsJustLikeMine [1].

Soundsville Paul found an old cassette that he recorded from the masters a long time ago. It's a big improvement in sound quality and includes a couple of different versions. Originally seeded here [2] then a couple of tracks fixed here [3]. I've merged both torrents and removed Pretty Girls, since it's an official release.

01 What Difference Does It Make #1 - Tate 2
02 Accept Yourself #1 - Unknown. Tate 1?
03 The Hand That Rocks The Cradle - Tate 2
04 You've Got Everything Now - Tate 2
05 These Things Take Time - Tate 1
06 What Difference Does It Make #2 - Demo
07 Hand In Glove - Tate 2
08 Handsome Devil - Tate 2
09 Accept Yourself #2 - Tate 2
10 Wonderful Woman - Tate 2
11 I Don't Owe You Anything - Tate 2
12 Jeane - Demo
13 Suffer Little Children - Tate 2
14 Miserable Lie - Tate 2
15 Reel Around The Fountain - Tate 2




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Just to clarify. In the authored notes it does say there's a concencus that the transfer runs around 3.5 seconds fast. I estimated it to be around 3.1 & hence the reason for posting a speed-corrected version.
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