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The Smiths - Civic Hall, Guildford, 28th February 1985 ["I Wish I Could Laugh"]

Source Audience

Track List:

01 William, It Was Really Nothing
02 I Want The One I Can't Have
03 What She Said
04 Handsome Devil
05 How Soon Is Now?
06 Shakespeare's Sister
07 Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
08 That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
09 Rusholme Ruffians
10 Hand In Glove
11 The Headmaster Ritual [Tape Flip, Fade Out]]
12 Nowhere Fast [TF, Fade In]
13 Stretch Out And Wait
14 Still Ill
15 Meat Is Murder [Encore Break 1, Fade Out]
16 Miserable Lie [EB1 Fade In, EB2, Fade Out]
17 Barbarism Begins At Home [EB2, Fade In]

Remaster Notes:
HUGE thanks to Zizi for the lovely artwork, much appreciated.
Have included MP3 samples so you can listen first before you decide if you want this or not.
Many thanks to Soundsville & DavidA for sharing, much appreciated.
Great recording.
This has been restored (some hiss remains),
remastered & speed adjusted on a track by track basis.
Took hours on this one, tweaking the speeds etc to get it right.
Ironed out quite a few level drops on this as well as other little tweaks here & there.
Sounds splendid, time well spent.

"I Wish I Could Laugh", was Dream Remastered @
Reflecting Sound Studios, Southampton, England, Winter 2020/21.

Do NOT sell this recording.
Freely given to you, so don't charge others.
Support the artist anyway you can.

Download Samples:

Download In 2 Parts:

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