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The Smiths - Pablo Cuckoo Tape [Vinyl LP, Crazy-Col Remaster 2014]

Source Vinyl LP

Track List:-

01 - You've Got Everything Now
02 - Accept Yourself
03 - What Difference Does It Make?
04 - Reel Around The Fountain
05 - These Things Take Time
06 - I Don't Owe You Anything
07 - Hand In Glove
08 - Handsome Devil
09 - Miserable Lie


Vinyl LP > Systemdek IIX Turntable > Systemdek Arm > Linn K9 Cartridge >
Sony Minidisc MDS JE320 [Recording] > Sony Minidisc MDS-JB940 [Playback] > WAV >
Audacity [Track Split/Normalize/Remove DC Offset] > Sony Soundforge [Click/Cracle Removal] >
Izotope Mastering Suite [Remastering] > Audacity [Editing/Fade Outs] > Wavelab 6 [Pan Normalize] >
Fairstars Audio Converter [Wav To MP3]

Remastering Notes:-

Okay here is my take/version of this amazing tape.
One can only wonder at what is out there & waiting to be shared.
Mike Joyce has a box full of rehearsal recordings that would be cloud 9 to listen to.
Until that day comes (if ever!) this is what we have.

The back cover omits what is the 6th track "I Don't Owe You Anything."

Noise reduction was used very sparingly,
just a touch, there is still hiss [to remove more would have flattened the sound].

The above lineage tells you everything that went on & into this version.
It was always going to be difficult making these songs sound good.
The fact they were recorded with just a mic & tape deck way back in '83,
means the actual recordings were not brilliant to start with.
I did what I could to bring them a bit more to life, I think it souds a lot better for the work i've done,
you must decide for yourself, it is not a big download & you can always delete them.

There are some (rather rubbish) photos of the LP, sorry for there quality (or lack of it),
if anyone has better ones please post/share.

**Please don't profit (sell) this, freely has it been given to you, so please do likewise.**
**By all means share/swap but don't sell.**

Ripped, Remastered & Seeded September 2014 by Crazy-Col, For All @ Smiths Torrents.

Made In England.

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