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The Sundays - Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA, 15th November 1997 [Dream Remaster]

Source Audience

Track List:-

01 Intro
02 Can't Be Sure
03 What Do You Think?
04 Cry
05 Homeward
06 I Kicked A Boy
07 Medicine
08 When I'm Thinking About You
09 Leave This City
10 Another Flavour
11 Your Eyes
12 Monochrome
13 My Finest Hour
14 Goodbye
15 She
16 Here's Where The Story Ends
17 Joy
18 Summertime

Remaster Notes:-

The second offering from Luis, many thanks to him for sending this to be shared here.
Also thanks to the taper & sharers along the way.
Easily the better of the two recordings by miles this one.
Was slightly of pitch and a little slow, so have adjusted & corrected.
Needed no cleaning (a rarity!), then some gentle remastering.
Minimal crowd chatter, only really at end of songs, nothing to get in the way of the music.
Can't really go wrong with this, a great addition to your Sundays collection.


Dream Remastered @ Reflecting Sound Studios, Southampton, England, 2020.

Do NOT sell this recording.
Freely given to you, so don't charge others.
Do NOT sell it on Ebay or Ioffer or any other place.
Buy the records/CD's/Go to shows if there are any.
Support the artist anyway you can.
Failure to comply will result in the karma police visiting.
Want to share this?
That is fine all that I ask is keep these notes with your shares, thank you.

Download [3 parts]:

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