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* In memory of the kind and gentle man who was Alan White... *

Artist: The Syn

Venue: Joe's Pub
Date: January 08, 2006
Taper: CQ version
Equipment: Sharp Mini Disk

Vocals: Steve Nardelli
Bass: Chris Squire
Guitar: Shane Theriot
Drums: Alan White
Keysboards: Gerad Johnson


first show

01. Some Time, Some Way
02. Reach Outro
03. Cathedral of Love
04. Silent Revolution
05. Steve Talk
06. Piano Intro
07. Grounded
08. Flowerman
09. 14 Hour Technocolor
10. Squire Talk
11. 21th Century
12. City Of Dreams
13. The Promise


Musical instrument Font Line Red Music

The Syn

1-8-06 Joes Pub/Public Theater New York City

Taper: nycsteve

Sharp MT770 Soundpro mics Mastered with Goldwave ,tracked with CDWave Editor

SHN expands to 2 audio discs

This is the second set of 2 for the evening. The band in this lineup had only 2 rehearsals prior to these shows, making this the 4th time they played together. Excellent performance of material from their new album Syndestructable. Alan White is a last minute replacement as the drummer Jeremy Stacy had commitments with Cheryl Crow on the American tour dates.

A good recording with nice sound. Vocals are a little low in the mix, but that's the way it was played. Joes Pub serves dinner so there is the expected chatter and silverware noises. But overall a listenable recording.

There are 2 dropouts in track 5 on disc 1 of about 2 seconds each.
They are intentional, removing *comments made in the audience that are more distracting than the drop outs. My apologies.

*(I would love to hear them again after all of these years, personally not happy they're edited out)

Steve Nardelli vocals
Chris Squire bass
Alan White drums
Gerard Johnson keys
Shane Theriot guitar

Disc 1
Tk1 Breaking Down Walls
Tr2 Some Time,Some Way
Tr3 Reach Outro
Tr4 Cathedral Of Love
Tr5 Silent Revolution
Tr6 Medley of old material
Tr7 Steve & Chris tell some stories
Tr9 In The 21st Century
Tr10 The Promise

Tr1 Stage chatter
Tr2 Golden Age

Seeking now to reflect on a part of my own perspective from this era in Yes~Fandom as I experienced it as it was occurring at the time.

Yes had been on hiatus since the close of the ‘04 tour and many of those I knew, or became to know because of this, we/us as a group of extremely dedicated fans were craving a continuation of what had been impossible because of Jon’s unfortunate home Christmas (decorating) accident that year.
When Jon decided it was time for him to return it wasn’t to include the band……..

So with that the others in waiting had little choice but to pursue other avenues.
Chris decided he was inspired to reinvent an old band of his “The Syn”

This ended up creating a lot of “Drama” for both he and his fans at the time…
No comment !

Despite all of that, the album which had preceded was fantastic(!) (IMO) as were the intimate few performances that had come out of this project which were extremely special to all of us that witnessed them first hand. I was at both of these NY shows. They did indeed change my life for the better at the time, spilling over for years to come.
So I am pretty biased…haha

Chris was backed into a corner for these US tour dates that we fans were encouraging him to carry on with after the first round were canceled. Just following these troubles ALAN WHITE stepped in at the last minute to play his heart out to support his man Chris for these few booked US dates. (And it was better with Alan than the album when hearing it live!)
This was part of Alan’s character, to be not only present, but give it his all when asked.

The GLUE that held YES together as he didn’t have any ego.
He was the sweetest ROCK STAR I ever had the privilege too know, or love…

A personal reach out to my soul mate “Malcolm” the greatest Yesfan anyone could ever have the privilege to be In The Presence Of!
Malcolm was one of those first Beatles fans being in UK and eventually then knew his mate Alan who he’d followed on the pub circuit early on.
When Alan then “made it” with Lennon he was “over the moon that he knew him when” so pleased Alan had received his rightful place in history.
Then in ’72 Alan joined his favorite band, YES!?
Malcolm was then beside himself.
Thinking he Chris & now Alan are hangin' high vibrations together...

I only have Malcolm to thank for having introducing me to Alan.

Both of you Geordie loons!, Rest In Peace…
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