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The Who - 1979-11-30 - Detroit, MI
(Audience FLAC)

November 30, 1979
Masonic Temple Auditorium
Detroit, MI
JEMS Master

Recording Gear: Teac Mic > Sony 153SD With Dolby B
Transfer: Master Cassettes > Nakamichi 670 azimuth-adjusted playback > Nakamichi outboard Dolby B decode > Wavelab 24/96 capture > dither to 16/44.1 > FLAC

01. Substitute
02. I Can't Explain
03. Baba O'Riley
04. The Punk And The Godfather
05. Boris The Spider
06. Sister Disco
07. Behind Blue Eyes
08. Music Must Change (PT splits his pants)
09. Drowned
10. Who Are You
11. 5:15
12. Pinball Wizard >
13. See Me Feel Me
14. Long Live Rock
15. My Generation
16. I Can See For Miles
17. Sparks
18. Won't Get Fooled Again
19. Dancing In The Streets
20. PT Improv-Dance It Away
21. The Real Me
22. Young Man Blues

Pete Townshend - Vocals, Guitar
Roger Daltrey - Harmonica, Vocals
John Entwistle - Vocals, Bass
Kenney Jones - Drums
John Bundrick - Piano, Keyboards
Howie Casey - saxophone
Reg Brooks - trombone
Dave Caswell - trumpet

The first night of The Who's winter 1979 tour, this show was added on to the beginning of the tour as a warm-up and partly as a apology for playing Pontiac Stadium again as the main Detroit venue on the tour. The Who had played there in 1975 and hated venue as much as the audience did.

The Detroit set featured some surprises including the first live version of "I Can See For Miles" since 1968 and "Dancing In The Streets," which hadn't been played live since the mid '60s.

Pete splits his pants during "Music Must Change" and completed the song wearing a bathrobe (see included photos). He changed pants before the next song, and in the process put on his knee pads, which he would use later during the big leap at the end of "Won't Get Fooled Again." This would be the last show at which he PT attempted the big leap.

We recorded the show right in front of the PA stacks on the left side of the stage. There are a couple of dropouts during "Substitute," otherwise it is a fine recording. Samples provided.

The release of this show is the first of many JEMS masters recorded on the 1979 and 1980 tours that we had not gotten to previously, so if you like this one, there are more on the way.

Tapeboy for JEMS



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EDGE, Thanks so much! This was my first ever concert.

Thanks for the PM with the link to this post. Before I PM'd you I did both a forum search and tag search for The Who and didn't find this post in the result listings. Perhaps I was oblivious. Thanks again.
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