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Who, The 2012-11-16 Boston, MA TD Garden & Sound Check W/SOUND CHECK (WHOFANRAY)

The Who
Boston, MA
TD Garden
Quadrophenia And More Tour


Lineage: H2 ZOOM / Sony External microphone (circa 1988) / SD Card / Roxio / Flac
Recorded Sect 1-FLR Row C (In front of Pete)
Recorded by WHOFANRAY

>contrast clause<<
<< This capture is by a different taper-me WHOFANRAY recorded from sec 1 row c on different equipment from :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r495 :: Login>>

Set List
(03:04:10 Total)
(02:14:10 Concert)
(00:50:00 Sound Check)

01. I Am The Sea
02. Real Me, The
03. Quadrophenia
04. Cut My Hair
05. Punk And The Godfather, The
06. I'm One
07. Dirty Jobs, The
08. Helpless Dancer
09. Is It In My Head
10. I've Had Enough
11. 5:15
12. Sea And Sand
13. Drowned
14. Bell Boy
15. Doctor Jimmy
16. Rock, The
17. Love, Reign O'er Me
18. Band Introductions
19. Who Are You
20. Behind Blue Eyes
21. Stage
22. Pinball Wizard
23. Stage
24. Baba O'Riley
25. Stage
26. Won't Get Fooled Again
27. Stage
28. Tea And Theater
29. Thank You, Good Night, Be Lucky......
30. Start of sound check
31. Roger Daltrey enters
32. Zak Starkey Drumming
33. Pete Townshend enters
34. Pete and Roger talk
35. Rock, The
36. Pete and Roger talk
37. Real Me, The
38. Pete and Roger talk
39. I'm One
40. Pete fixes the ending of I'm One
41. Who Are You
42. Roger Daltrey Thanks for your support guys....
43. Simon Townshend adjust guitar levels and effects
44. End of sound check

Band Members:
Roger Daltrey: Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar
Pete Townshend: Guitar, Vocals
Zak Starkey: Drums
Pino Palladino: Bass Guitar
Simon Townshend: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin
Frank Simes: Keyboards, Vocals, Music Director
John Corey: Keyboards, Vocals
Loren Gold: keyboards, vocals
J. Greg Miller: Brass Section
Reggie Grisham: Brass Section

This is my third attempt at an upload....please be kind if I mess it up!!!!!! (STILL A ROOKIE AT THIS -getting a little more of the hang of it)
This was the first of three shows I saw on this tour. Also, Manchester, NH February 24, 2013 and Providence, RI February 26 2013.
I recorded both of those shows as well. The Providence show, as this one, was recorded from the 3rd row Pete's side of the stage.
The Manchester was recorded from Sect 104 Row R back of the arena nice clear sound on that one.

This show has a classic Who Fuck Up! Roger comes in early on Won't Get Fooled Again and does not know it. Pete gets them back after the first chorus.
See my Youtube video at


I think this recording came out outstanding.-(IMO)

When I track a show, I go from start of song to the end of a song.
I usually label anything of about 10 seconds or more between songs as "Stage".
This way you can skip the banter or silence and just listen to the songs.

If and when I get real adventurous I need to convert old master tapes and Mini Discs to digital.
I started recording shows in 1986 and have boxes I need to go through!!! It will be a long process!
If anyone has any suggestions on software, hardware, tips, or tricks that would be helpful!

***some shows from my archieve that i will try to get converted from tapes:
Roger Daltrey: HOB Boston MA 11/08/09, Great Woods Mansfield MA 08/28/94, w/British Rock Symphony 2 shows Harborlights Boston Ma 07/21/98 & Foxwoods Casino CT 07/19/98
Pete Townshend: Harborlights Boston MA 02/14/98, Great Woods Mansfield MA 08/09/93, Berklee Performance Center Boston MA 10/12/12 (Interview & Acoustic Performance)
John Entwistle: State Theater Portland ME 06/06/01, Fleet Boston Pavilion Boston MA 07/11/01-(A Walk Down Abbey Road)


Upload # 00003

Do not sell this recording or convert it to mp3 and share. Convert to MP3 for personal use only.
This is intended for free trade only. Do not buy or sell!!
Please support the artist by buying official releases and merch.

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