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The Who -
Freedom Palace, Kansas City, MO;
July 2, 1970

TITLE: I'm Free at the Freedom Palace


1. Heaven And Hell (Beginning Cut)
2. I Can't Explain (Cuts In)
3. Water (Cut at 6:41)
4. Young Man Blues
5. I Don't Even Know Myself (Cuts In)
6. Overture (Cuts In)
7. It's A Boy (End Cut)
8. Amazing Journey (Beginning Cut)
9. Sparks
10. Pinball Wizard
11. I'm Free
12. Summertime Blues (Cuts In)
13. Shaken' All Over (Cuts In)
14. My Generation (Cuts In, Cut at 6:46, End Cut)
TOTAL RUNTIME: 1hr 1min 5secs

LINEAGE: Master AUD source>?>2nd gen cassette>pc>wav 24/96>wav 16/44(adobe audtion)>flac>WAV>Cool Edit Pro v2.1>FLAC 8

This surprisingly clear audience recording from 1970 captures The Who in typical blistering form for the time period, if not slightly plagued by what sounds like some technical issues at the beginning of the show. There are some cuts throughout this recording as well which make it far from complete. Fortunately, what we do have here is great and seems to improve in sound quality as the show goes on. We are fortunate enough to have this recording because of Charles C.'s original efforts to record and trade this show along with The Who's performance from the Kemper Arena in '75.
There are a couple of main issues with the source I used in this remaster.
First off, the overall level of the recording is very low. I have properly amplified the overall signal to a reasonable level while not using any compression or limiting in the process.
Secondly, the frequency response of this recording was very unbalanced, as with many audience recordings, with a bulk of low to low mid frequencies dominating the spectrum. I have therefore adjusted several nasty frequencies to help eliminate some of the unneccesary noise and boominess to the overall tone. No noise reduction of any kind has been used in this remaster. Enjoy The Who at their best, live in 1970!

upped by: theface07

* HUGE THANKS TO "Charles C." & "weedwacker" FOR THE SOURCE OF THIS RECORDING!!! *


Artist: The Who
Date: 1970-07-02
Location: Kansas City, MO
Venue: Freedom Palace
Source: Audience
Lineage 2nd gen cassette>pc>wav 24/96>wav 16/44(adobe audtion)>flac
Transferred By: weedwacker

01 - Heaven And Hell (Beginning Cut)
02 - I Can't Explain (Cuts In)
03 - Water (Cut at 6:41)
04 - Young Man Blues
05 - I Don't Even Know Myself (Cuts In)
06 - Overture (Cuts In)
07 - It's A Boy (End Cut)
08 - Amazing Journey (Beginning Cut)
09 - Sparks
10 - Pinball Wizard
11 - I'm Free
12 - Summertime Blues (Cuts In)
13 - Shaken' All Over (Cuts In)
14 - My Generation (Cuts In, Cut at 6:46, End Cut)

Total Runtime 61:09

Charley C. was gracious enough to lend me his verified lineage 2nd gen tape to transfer. Distant but clear sounding recording. The taper is also responsible for the circulating recording of 1975-12-01 Kansas City, MO show at the Kemper Arena.

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