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Band: Therapy? (From Northern Ireland / England)
City: Joensuu, Laulurinne, Finland
Venue: Ilosaari Rock Festival
Date: 13th July 1997
Audio: High Quality MP3-version (320 Kbps)
Sound Quality: Great Webcast / Radio Broadcast

Excellent concert with Therapy? from 1997. This liveconcert is just before they released their album "Semi-detached" with new drummer Graham Hopkins and additional cello/guitarist Martin McKarrick. Impressive set of songs for any Therapy?-fan, with songs from their very first albums up to unfinished versions of songs from "Semi-detached". Great version of "Tightrope Walker" with different lyrics and instrumental chorus compared to the albumversion, enjoy!

1) Intro/Punishment Kiss
2) The Knives
3) Die Laughing
4) Tightrope Walker
5) Teethgrinder
6) Nausea
7) Loose
8) Innocent X
9) Skyward
10) Stories
11) Screamager
12) Don´t Expect Roses
13) Isolation
14) Turn
15) Nowhere
16) Diane
17) Potato Junkie


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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