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Here's my cover of "Pretty Vacant," by the Sex Pistols. This is kinda/sorta based primarily on the Joan Jett (yes, THAT Joan Jett) cover in the early 90's, but I mixed in some of whoever it was that did the reggae version, and of course tried to emulate the Sex Pistols somewhat, too.

Before anyone says it, I know the Sex Pistols rarely did solos, but I just couldn't help myself from sticking in a 70's-Guitar-Hero-type solo for one verse; it was just too tasty!

Just as a note: I'm such a poor singer that INTENTIONALLY making an authentic vocal harmony dischord at the choruses was reeeeeaaaaly hard. Turned out OK, but I hope I never have to record a song where I have to do that again! Must have taken me 20 takes!! Still, it was a riot to record, and I 'been 'boppin to this song for the last couple of days and thought I'd upload it for any comments/suggestions/critiques...

we're the sex pistols, and we don't care! - too true!
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