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Hi there,

Just got back from the Thunder gig at the Cardiff International Arena. Let me tell you, this is one heck of a bastard to find ! But, everytime I have been to see Thunder, something happened that meant I missed the warm up band, and tonight was no exception.


Anyway, we got in there just as the warm up band were finishing their last song. We got a beer, and before long, the lights went down and the opening riff of Thunderstruck starts bomming out of the stereo. Of course, the start has "Thunder ! repeated over and over again...

A great way for the band to come on stage. They opened with the opening track off their, "Shooting At The Sun" abum, "Loser".

This one starts with power chords, and they thundered through the place. However, the sound was really muddy. Or that was, until I realised I was on the wrong setting on my hearing aids. This was the first gig I had tried them out at. I changed the setting and everything came into clear audio focus. It was bliss !

Anyway, Danny was really animated tonight. I know this will sound gay, but the guy moves about so, well, sexily. And he's always moving. He was up for it tonight and you could tell.

Bearing in mind that this was not his crowd, during the opening to Gimme Some Lovin', he wouldn't start singing until everyone was up on their feet clapping. A ballsy thing to do, but everyone responded, and he raised the roof. Then, he commanded the crowd, and all he had to do was raise his hand, and everyone cheered. Lower it, and everyone quietened down. Rock cliche, I know, but I just fucking love it ! All of it !


Anyway, Luke was pkaying a left handed fliying V, and the sound was amazing.

One thing about these guys is that they are multi talented. Luke plays acoustic guitar and electric on the same song, and Ben is always running back and forth to the keyboards during songs. Amazing to see. Luke has his electric around his neck, and he plays the acoustic which is mounted on a stand, see later videos posts...

Anyway, Danny's voice is simply beautiful, and it just invites you to sing along. I sang and screamed my heart out, so I'll pay for it in the morning ! :lol:
There were only two things wrong with this concert, the length, as they were only on for an hour, and the sound, cuz they were playing through Deep Purple's P.A., and so they were quieter than usual.

From what I can remember, they played the following songs :

  • Loser
  • Low Life In High Places
  • Love Walked In
  • Gimme Some Lovin'
  • I Love You More Than Rock And Roll (new single)
The new single is a straight out and out catchy rocker. Great riff, and singalong chorus. Typical Thunder really !

Hope it does well on it's release ! There were a few other rockers in there as well, but as I put the Live CD on in the car on the way, and again on the way back, I now can't remember which ones they played, and which ones they didn't ! I know I sang all the way through, but I was singing all the way in the car too. So no distinction !!!

Anyway, at the meet and greet afterwards, I met everyone of them, and got their signatures. They were nice guys, Ben being a real laugh. I got a photo of me with Danny, as I have admired him for so damn long !

Unfortunately, my mate that I had come with was really stoned. So he sat vegetated in the corner. Everyone else was in groups, so unfortunately, I looked like sad, lonely, weird bastard walking up to each and everyone of them, so they were quite wary and uninterested to talk to me !

Well, less interested talking to me than talking to the groups of young rock chicks anyway.

I spoke to Luke and he said that I wasn't the only one who left him once Jimmy Page turned up when I met them both at the Whitesnake concert. He said, "Who can blame them ? He's a legend, and a hero of mine too !"

Top bloke !

Anyway, we stayed in the meet and greet for a long while, and so missed all of Peter Frampton's set, and by the time we got back down and had had a piss, Deep Purple were well into their set. The place was packed, and we could just not get back in, so unfortunately, we had to leave.

From what I heard of Peter Frampton through the walls, his drummer was damn good, and he was putting on a great show !!!

Anyway, can't wait for the new single a week on Monday, and then the new album, then a new tour in March !!!

(Pictures and video to follow)

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Geordie said:
Now this guy can really knock it out !!!!
Yeah, just check out the Gimme Some Lovin' Sing Along !!!

I was gutted, because I expected them to be on longer, but with 4 acts on the bill, they only got an hour, and it flew by ! Therefore, I didn't take as many vids as I would have hoped.

But never mind. I was bouncing and clapping and singing throughout anyway, so I couldn't have taken that many more I guess...

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