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Tim Ripper Owens
Crazy Mama,
Budapest, Hungary

Length: 1h 22 mins

01. Painkiller (short cut in)
02. The Ripper
03. Starting Over
04. Scream Machine
05. Death Race
06. Burn In Hell
07. Ghost Town (with Keeper Of Dreams band) (live premiere!!)
08. It Is Me
09. I'm A Viking
10. One On One
11. Jawbreaker (Szatyi on vocals from "Meltdown")
12. Grinder (Tüdõ on vocals from "Judas Best")
13. Electric Eye ("Metal Angel" (Bártfai Laci) on vocals)
14. Breaking The Law
15. Metal Gods (Ripper feat. Metal Angel)
16. Living After Midnight

Info about the show:
This is a special solo show with The Ripper and Hungarian musicians.
About Ghost Town: as it was announced before the song, there was some kind of contest,
a Hungarian band had a chance to play (the premiere of) this song with Ripper,
who could learn it in 3 days before the show, Keeper of dreams did it.
Note that Ripper does not sing in songs 11-12-13.

Taper's comment:
Well this is the first venue I used my external mics,
also the first to tape a non-hungarian musician.
I didn't know the club, it was quite little, security
and I didnt want to risk not being able the whole show,
so I hid the mics under my t-shirt. I still think the result is enjoyable.
It seemed The Ripper was really satisfied with the band.

Line up:
Tim Ripper Owens
Jung Norbert - guitar (Cool Head Klan, ex-Pokolgép)
Szijártó "Szupermen" Zsolt - guitar (Akela, Omen, After Rain)
Koncz "Bonca" Tibor - bass (Cool Head Klan, ex-Tirana)
Király Zoltán - drum (Akela, Kornélkül)
(+ hun J.P. tribute members on vocals tracks: 11-12-13,
+ Keeper Of Dreams band on track 7.)

Source: Audience
Taper: shownomarcy (

Lineage: at u853aw mics > BB > Edirol R-09HR [16bit, 44,1 khz]
> Sony Vegas (Split to tracks, eq)
> TLH (Level8, align on sector boundaries) > Flac

::::::::::please dont convert to lossy mp3, share it in this quality, thanks!::::::::::!0xUiXbYT!FPC8CHyEzY1iWPBBaY58aSa8X8CUwsPNIOPO0imLSsA

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I've been hoping that you could re-post this! This is only my opinion, but I think Owens is one of the best singers out there today. Keep posting great material, please!!!!!!!!!
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