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Tim 'Ripper' Owens

Sticky Fingers Top Floor,
Gothenburg, Sweden - September 12, 2010.

Source: Church Audio CA14-cardioid in Kangol hat > Church Audio Bat-2B > Edirol R-09HR (Line in, 24bit / 44.1kHz).
Lineage: Memorycard > Audacity v.1.3.12 > Downsampled with dither to 16/44.1 + volume raised > CDWave for tracksplitting > Saved to FLAC in Audacity (Level 8, highest).
Notes: This recording is left "as-is", only the volume has been raised.
Taper: Jonas "jontebus" Karlsson

Set List:

1.Introduction 1:31
2.The Painkiller 6:57
3.The Ripper 3:11
4.Burn in Hell 6:06
5.Scream Machine 4:54
6.Running Wild 4:53
7.Deathrace 3:45
8.Children of the Sea 6:09
9.Transylvania 1:36
10.Wratchild 3:14
11.One on One 5:57
12.Gates of Babylon 7:20
13.Desert Plains 5:04
14.Breaking the Law 2:30
15.The Hellion 0:45
16.Electric Eye 3:17
17.Starting Over 3:19
18.Hell Bent For Leather 3:49
19.Living After Midnight 5:14

Comments: Great show with a somehow small crowd (poorly advertised?) but a Ripper in great shape! Lots of Priest, some Maiden & Dio-stuff and his best solo stuff. They used a glass (or plastic?) barrier in front of the drums to avoid unnecessary dB's, because of the stupid dB-laws in Sweden. Good sound, not too much of anything (bass or treble) and I used my new setting of the mics INSIDE of the Kangol-hat (Tropic Ventair 504) and I think this recording turned out great with these facts.

79:40 Minutes.!shsjxI4R!dKQgOhUG1qyssM6RB1dHlYzAjc_B6XsRnh6kdQ7i_kM
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