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Ripper Owens
Live at The Tap House
Akron, Ohio
2009 - 2012

This is collection cd that I put together of what I consider the best of Tim "Ripper" Owens best of his acoustic shows. Recorded over the past two years at various shows performed exclusively at his Tap House restaraunt/bar. i have sequenced this collection to begin with Ripper's solo tracks and Beyond Fear. Then including Priest, Sabbath and Rainbow tracks. A few extra's thrown in for good measure. The sound quality vaires a bit from track to track depending on where it was recorded from, but overall it is quite listenable and a good collection.

Some artwork is included in the file.

Enjoy....This is presented only here at House of Bootlegs.


01. Intro-
02. Pick Yourself Up
03. To Live Again
04. Starting Over
05. Dreams Come True
06. Burn in Hell
07. Lost & Found
08. Diamonds & Rust
09. Desert Plains
10. Another Thing Coming
11. Breaking The Law
12. Grinder
13. Living After Midnight
14. Flight of Icarus
15. Cold Gin
16. Children of The Sea
17. Rainbow in The Dark
18. Holy Diver
19. Don't Talk to Strangers
20. Catch The Rainbow
21. Man on The Silver Mountain
22. Neon Knights!e5ljRBSR!aIwxJ6bD9Mx5ezETd5Ox3MUpgZ9LMjhgLKWV8H5zNYo
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