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Tom Chapin, America & Stephen Stills Band - Music Fair, Westbury, NY; June 24, 1986

Tom Chapin, America & Stephen Stills Band -
Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY;
June 24, 1986

Taper : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Nak 300 Mics > Sony D-5

Master Maxell XL II 90 > Tascam 122 mk III > Korg Mr-1000 > Audio Gate > Cool Edit > Traders Little Helper

Disc 1 : Ton Chapin Set : (missing one or two songs got in show late)
02-Let Me Back Into Your Life
03- Cat's In The Cradle
04-All My Lifes A Circle

Disc 2 : America Set :
01-Tin Man
02-The Border
03- ?
04-Daisy Jane
05-I Need You
06-Baby It's Up To You >
07-Three Roses >
09-Ventura Highway
10-You Can Do Magic
13-Here (Tape Flip In Song)
14-Sister Golden Hair
15-Horse With No Name

Disc 3 : Stephen Stills Band :
01-Love the One You're With
03-Make Love to You
04-Midnite Rider
05-Change Partners
06-Only Love Can Break Your Heart
07-Don't Want No Woman Telling Me What To Do
08-Dark Star
09-For What It's Worth
10-Southern Cross

Comment :
Stephen Stills - guitar
George Perry - Bass
Mark Williams - Drums
Michael Finnigan - Keyboard

Stephen broke his hand at the end of the show . I am pretty sure he did it during For What It's Worth . They had picture in the paper the next day with him in a cast.

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