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I'm really bad at finding a tone, I have a Boss ME-50 and a Marshall MG100HDFX solid-state half-stack (i know, i know). I want to know what settings i need on each to get a good metallica tone. Can anyone help me out?

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While I don't have either of those products, you should be able to get a heavy tone out of them together. First, plug in a good pair of headphones into the Boss and find the sound you want (if it's not there, sell that thing and get a V-amp or Pod).

After you get the tone, then connect it to the Marshall on clean and it should be right on. Then add distortion with the amps pre-gain if possible.

You should be able to get good sounds out of an MG....but it will always need some type of pedals in front and in the loop. If you really want tube sound, but do not want to dump the head, your easiest choice is spending $230 for a Radial tone bone pedal which is a tube preamp (sort of) and it will make your set-up emulate a Marshall AVT.

I think the best sounding Marshall amp is a Silver Jubilee...and it's most likely never going to sound like that....but you may get close enough.
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