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I got the new Tonelab last week and the truth is it is an improvement on the one I sent back. I have programmed a lot of good patches for the thing for recording.

Truthfully the Tonelab is the least versitile of all the modelers I have tried, and the effects are the least in quality.

I can get a good simulation of an old Fender clean, I can get a good simulation of the Marshall overdrive sound and a few Vox AC30 type of overdrives.

(The following is for all the modelers I have tried and I have not tried them all).

That said, I think for the things that the Tonelab does (for dry recording only I speak) it is peerless. It has a clarity that the PodXT lacks, and a brilliance the GNX2 lacks.

The PodXT effects are the winners hands down, as well as having many more options to tweak the sounds.

The GNX2 is the winner for live use because it is the warmest sounding, has the widest range of tones, and has excellent effects. The GNX2 has pedals and does intelligent harmonies.
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