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Genre : Heavy Metal
Country : UK

Unofficial Album (Bootleg of moments of Iommi partnerships that do not become official)

MP3 ~ VBR 192/320 Kbps

Tracklist :

CD 1
01 – Dressed To Kill (With Lita Ford)
02 – The Stonk (With Hale & Pace, Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, David Gilmour, Roger Taylor & Brian May)
03 – Tie Your Mother Down (With Slash, Joe Elliot & Queen)
04 – Into The Night (Tony Iommi vs Billy Idol Remix)
05 – Paranoid (With Ozzy Osbourne & Phil Collins)
06 – Stone Cold Crazy (With James Hetfield & Queen)
07 – Sugar Rain (With Quartz, on flute)
08 – The Show Must Go On (With Elton John & Queen)
09 – Utopian Blaster (With Cathedral)
10 – Smoke On The Water (With Bruce Dickinson, Ian Gillan, Brian May, David Gilmour, etc)
11 – Black (With Drain STH)
12 – The Bastard (IOMMI Outtake With Phil Anselmo)
13 – Wonderful Land (Hank Marvin And The Shadows Tribute)
CD 2
01 – I Want It All (With Roger Daltrey & Queen)
02 – For Heavens Sake 2000 (With Ozzy Osbourne & Wu-Tang Clan)
03 – Miranha
04 – Starcrossed (With Diamond Head)
05 – Slip Away (Rolling Stones Cover – Fused Bonus Track)
06 – Let It Down Easy (Fused Japanese Bonus Track)
07 – The Innocence (Fused Bonus track)
08 – Orexis of Death (With Necromandus)
09 – Mogidisimo (Part 2) (With Necromandus)
10 – Trashed (With Ian Gillan,Roger Glover & Ian Paice)
11 – Hammer Will Fall (With Gary Cherone & Queen)



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Nice one!

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Thanks, looks great!

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Filesonic is deleted but Fileserve is still there. Thanks! Iommi is a trooper and a great player who has excelled at his craft in spite of a handicap due to injuries that took the tips off two of his fretting fingers which even drove him to design his own prosthetic finger tips which he innovated long before Black Sabbath after a mate played him a record of Django Reinhardt and explained to him the insurmaountable task Django had of reinventing his playing after burning his left hand so badly he could only play solos with two fingers and barely fret at all with the remaining fingers. Tony's design developed into even influencing the professional medical community that produces prosthetics for hand injuries - something he probably could have made a lot of money off but he has always been more interested in his art and craft as a guitarist and musician. For the record all the Satanic stuff is pure rubbish! I knew that back in 1970 when I first heard the eponymous Black Sabbath album which literally floored me and it still does to this day!

Get his autobiography just out this year, "My Life in Heaven & Hell With Black Sabbath" - it's a great read and for a rock star he comes off quite humble and his candor is extremely cool! He could have bashed all these people but chose to just tell it like it was and tell on himself quite a bit as well.

Thanks again!

Keep on Jammin' Tony!
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