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The Astoria Theatre
London, England

Third Eye
46 & 2
Crawl Away

Info from :

Source A: Unknown Hi8mm Equipment
Source A: 1G DVD / 3G VHS > CD (transfer by Galen: 1999)
Source A: 1G DVD > ECM-909>D7 Audio Re-Synch (
Image from DVD: Here (MJK on top of tackled fan > screaming "hands are on my back again")

Notes: This is reportedly sourced from a 1st Gen VHS and transferred to DVD. The CD times listed below are representative of a VHS transfer I did years ago. The DVD in circulation looks like to me as if it was the same generation as the video I have (2) and put to DVD. You never know...only know what is 'reported' but everyone wants to claim to have the lowest gen possible. If you notice & look at people's collections, many people claim to have very low gen stuff. So much of it is wrong, intentionally or accidentally. Oh well. As for this DVD, the picture is rather crisp, clean & the sound seems to be as good as is 'out there' for this particular show. So, if you have a choice in getting this show, the DVD is always going to be a bit better as no generation loss will occur. Tool was very cool in this performance as well. Maynard & Justin are -decked out- in paint & horns. Interesting. One of the best moments I've yet seen in a Tool recording is when MJK, in response to a fan jumping on stage, wrestles some guy into a choke hold during Pushit & just sits on him. It's fucked up but is one of the coolest things I've ever seen on a live recording. MJK is on this guy for at least 7 minutes & at times is just hitting him on the back of the head. Strange. There are all sorts of different rips of this in circulation so watch out for random copies of this. At least there is this good DVD out there.
Notes: When I get the chance, I will rip the audio from this DVD to audio instead of the VHS sourced audio.
Notes: The above 'note' was actually acted upon by some random Tool fan. Interesting. There is a choice of either the original audio or the re-sync. That said, there are DVDs now of A) random VHS>DVD transfers B) 1G VHS>DVD & C) 1G VHS>DVD audio re-synch with DAT --- Sony ECM-909 > Sony TCD-D7. So, at least this is not confusing at all nor is there any chance for people mixing up source info. Ah well.

Maynardism: "That was Heitham, also known as the great pretender. Not the guy on the floor, the guy singing."


dvd archived parts:
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