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Venue:The Noorderligt
Place:Tilburg,The Netherlands
Audience Recording
Quality:Good/very good
Source:CD-R from trade/FLAC/YOU


1. Gift Of Faith (fade in)
2. Georgy Porgy
3. The Turning Point
4. Jake To The Bone
5. Somewhere Tonight
6. I’ll Supply The Love
7. I Will Remember
8. Africa
9. Home Of The Brave

CD 2

1. Don’t Stop Me Now
2. She Knows The Devil
3. Child’s Anthem
4. Manuela Run
5. Baby He’s Your Man
6. White Sister
7. Afraid Of Love + Holyanna
8. Hydra + Band Intro
9. America, In The City + Dave Jam
10. Hold The Line


Musicians :

Steve Lukather: Guitars, Vocals
David Paich: Keyboards, Vocals
Mike Porcaro: Bass
Simon Phillips: Drums

Add. Musicians:

Jenny Douglas-Mac Rae:Vocals
John James:Vocals

NOTE:this one is a RARE gem and a MUST have for every TOTO fan because the setlist is fantastic (even if the first 2 songs of the show are missing)
with some songs never played live before and after this show (She Know The Devil);on CD 2,you can hear the band asking the audience what song they
wanna hear and in the end,the setlist is very different from the classic Tambu Tour setlist,more particularly on CD 2.
Another rarity of this show is John Jessel,Paich's Tech,singing "White Sister.

Not my favorite era of the Band but for sure one of my favorite TOTO Bootlegs!!


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Thanks man! The first couple of tracks sound awesome! Still trying to download part 3 and 4. Very cool that you share this special concert with us!
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